Before I celebrated the Fathers on Sunday, I sang Happy Birthday to Lauren!

Friday Happy Hour + Dinner

On Friday night Lauren and Sarah came over for a little birthday get together. We had cheese, cherries, and rose on the porch.

And Thai peanut chicken salads for dinner.

We watched the sun set and then caught fireflies with Mazey at dusk!

The Tooth Fairy Visited Again

Mazen had his second tooth pulled out on Friday. He only had one tooth that “needed” to come out, but they had to do both sides to keep the spacing even so his midline didn’t shift. He did very well, and I’m really hoping this dental stuff is behind us. At least until those top two teeth (naturally) fall out – they are both loose! The Tooth Fairy needs some side jobs to replenish her bank account!!

Saturday Workout + Brunch

I was up early on Saturday to head to the gym for athletic conditioning class. Afterwards, I showered there and went to brunch with two of my girlfriends. We walked through the farmer’s market to kill a little time beforehand.

I bought this wearable Turkish towel from Michael Turk + Co. Isn’t it perfect for the beach!?

I had a mimosa and this delicious egg/bean/avocado/tortilla/chorizo dish at The Bebedero! This was breakfast + lunch. (I also had a big coffee before class and some more after, plus a few little snacks throughout the afternoon.)

Back at home Mazen and the neighbors were gearing up a lemonade stand.

Birch had French toast strips, avocado, and raspberries for lunch. He’s doing so well with the self feeding!

B and I hung out on the porch for a while until naptime.

Date Night In

T and I debate having a babysitter come sometimes and it’s really just as relaxing to have a date night in. Aka do something a little special.

I made an appetizer plate, poured some wine, and we enjoyed gorgeous weather. T fired up the grill with some cedar plank salmon and asparagus. And we made cornbread!

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We put little B to bed in his new baby shark jammies!

And for a special treat, I brought out my new stash of Wonderment Ice Cream. Toasted Marshmallow and Birthday Cake (with sprinkles and buttercream) are the two best ice creams in the world! Stephanie makes them custom for me. Locals: inquire on her site if you’re interested!

We watched more Handmaid’s Tale with dessert. I swear if it goes the direction I think it’s going I’m going to faint with frustration for Offred. I mean Ofjoseph!

Sunday + Father’s Day

Thomas woke up to cards and Counterman! (He is excited.) Men need to take care of their skin too!!

He went for a hike with his dad, brother, and nephew during Birch’s morning nap. And spent the rest of the day hovering over the Big Green Egg (smoking pork!), playing with Birch, and watching golf! Total dad heaven right there.