High Highs & Low Lows

I think I can speak for most of us that these past two weeks have been filled with many highs and low lows. One minute the kids are playing together and I’m pulling pancakes out of the oven, and the next minute it seems the world is crumbling beneath us and there is no end to this in sight. We have a lot to be grateful for (house, jobs, food) so we are trying to count our blessings and make the most of this unique situation.

I actually think the timing is great for Birch having his brother home to play. To Birch this is a wonderful time!

Here are some of our adventures from the past week

Spotting a garden snake on a walk

Riding bikes at the church on our street. This parking lot has been such a life saver!!

At the end of every walk we get Birch out and do a big loop around the block with him to get his energy out. He loves it! (Note again i’m in a down coat and Mazen is in short and a tee!! That boy is never cold.)

Climbing the mountain!

Our weather has had high highs and low lows as well. Before this weekend, the low cloud cover was making me go insane. I’d take a cold sunny day or a rainy warm day over low-hanging clouds anytime.

We’ve played fort and book store –

And were thrilled when Grammie sent these 3 crafts!

The stepping stone kit involved mixing plaster in a “disposable mixing bowl” (who has disposable bowls?!) and was not the best indoor activity. I’d recommend a stone painting kit like this instead!

I had some luck with documentary watching during Birch’s nap time, and we watched 72 Dangerous Animals and Chasing Monsters (all about fish). My mind was blown when the host walked through a murky, gator-filled river. HOW is he not scared!? You couldn’t even pay me to canoe in that water!

Here are some of the things we’ve been eating…

Blueberry overnight oats

Hand pies from The Pie Chest with peas + rice

More Pie Chest – pot pies with couscous salad

And homemade pizza night!

We had some frozen salmon from Sitka Salmon that has come in handy when grocery store trips are at a bare minimum. They ship fish right to your door. Herby roasted with a make-shift kale salad.

And finally – drippy sun butter yogurt on the porch!

As always, I hope you guys are doing the best you can right now <3