Home Sweet Home

Here’s a peek into our daily life!

You are not the only one wearing athleisure all day – some of us like to stay in our jammies until lunchtime! Or maybe even go on walks without getting dressed for the day :mrgreen:

I am living in Colorfulkoala leggings, Brooks Juno sports bras, and Athleta + Lulu sweatshirts. Because this outfit is work, workout, momming, and lounge friendly!

I am thankful for springy days

The grass is SO green. And I love his little expression. That was Mazen’s old outfit! I need to buy home some summery shoes. What should I get? Natives? Crocs?

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He got them all cut

Want to know where Birch gets his golden curls? From his father!

Thankfully our neighbors have been cutting their hair at home for years and let us borrow their clippers a week ago. Does he look scared of me?!  I honestly do not know who was more nervous: me or him.

But look at this stud I uncovered!! I read the how-to guide carefully and used sizes 3,4, and 5, going up and 7 across the top. The hardest part was the bottom in the back where I used the trimmer without a guard. Getting it straight was super hard and also the most scary! Mazen, I’m coming for you next!!!

Mazen did let me trim his bangs, as seen here:

Birchie’s hair is yet to be touched! It’s down his back in the bathtub.

We’ve been spending lots of time outside when the weather is nice knowing that our only option is staying inside on rainy days.

Learning at Home

I refuse to call it homeschool! Mazen wrote a nice poem and the checklist is going well (thank goodness). Reading on the Kindle has def been the most successful part of learning, and we read together a lot during Birch’s nap, which of course I love. Last week he made me read inside a fort cave with him. I’m reading A Stranger on the Beach, which is not nearly as good as Verity but I am still enjoying. It’s kind of like Big Little Lies meets Dirty John. (I LOVED Verity – it’s a thrilled with twists and a pageturner for sure!)

Sunscreen: Take Stock

I broke out the sunscreen collection to take inventory. FYI Beautycounter is coming out with a sheer face sunscreen SPF 25 in the coming months. It will be non-greasy and made with non-nano zinc oxide and ideal for everyday wear the in the summer. I can’t wait! I use the face stick on the kids, the mist on my body and Mazen’s body, and the lotion on Birch’s body and my face if I’m going in direct sun. I like the tinted mist for pool parties! I hope we have some this year.

Bro Hike

Thomas took the boys to his parents’ woods where we went on a hike with his brother and nephew. The kids loved the change of scenery, and I stayed home to write.

On Rainy Days

We make forts!

And sometimes we wear jammies that match :mrgreen:

Hope it’s sunny where you are!