How My Workouts Have Changed

Just like our diet changes with the seasons, so do my workouts! Add in a baby nap schedule and things are about to shake up. When we last spoke in May, I was doing a lot of running and not a lot else. Let’s look back to where I started….


  • Outside: Cold
  • Priority during naps: a good workout followed by work later in the day
  • Babysitting help: twice a week
  • Workload: medium to low
  • Gym classes: 0-1
  • Time of day: 9am, right after B went down for morning nap
  • Strength sessions: 2-3 at home with Aaptiv
  • Treadmill use: high
  • Outdoor workouts: low
  • Soccer games: once a week indoor


  • Outside: Warming up
  • Priority during naps: ramping up work
  • Babysitting help: twice a week
  • Gym classes: 1-2, usually without B
  • Time of day: lunchtime, either outside with the stroller or on treadmill during nap
  • Strength sessions: some on treadmill days
  • Treadmill use: medium
  • Outdoor workouts: medium
  • Soccer games: on Sundays


  • Outside: HOT. Too hot for stroller anytime but first thing.
  • Priority during naps: working hard! Lots going on.
  • Babysitting help: high!
  • Gym classes: 1-2, without Birch
  • Time of day: many evening soccer games or quick noon solo runs while sitter was here. Some early morning walks.
  • Strength sessions: very low
  • Treadmill use: very low
  • Soccer games: very high!! ???? 2-3x a week

Starting Now

  • Outside: still hot but getting cooler
  • Priority during naps: working hard! Lots going on.
  • Babysitting help: ZERO (eek!)
  • Gym sessions: 2-3 with Birch
  • Time of day: In between morning and afternoon nap. Or late afternoon.
  • Strength sessions: needs improvement! Possible night class.
  • Treadmill use: needs improvement!
  • Soccer games: will move back to Sundays

What hasn’t changed?

I do what I feel like doing!

As you can see, my priorities and workout types are constantly changing depending on if I have any help at home, the weather, and nap/work timing.

What has surprised me is that I have barely taken Birch to ACAC KidsZone this year. With Mazen, I used to go to the gym everyday to meet up with friends, workout, shower. It was our routine. Maybe my memory isn’t clear and that didn’t start until he was older, but I remember arriving at the gym when KZ opened at 8am so I could rush home by 9:30 nap. I do think Birch and I will go a lot more when he transitions to one nap in the middle of the day. I should be taking advantage of the awesome child care there.

I was getting into really good shape when I was running on my treadmill a lot. Those interval workouts are great! But I moved my running outside for the warmer weather and am not pushing myself as hard. My strength training has dwindled a lot too. I’ve been doing a lot more running + walking and almost no weight lifting. I think that is also because I am sore and tired from hard soccer games twice a week. I like to weight train when my muscles feel fresh.

Plan Going Forward

Here are my goals, which obviously are subject to change:

  • Continue running outside with the stroller. It’s so easy and a great way to get B some fresh air after nap and before lunch. Once it cools off a bit it will be so much easier to do this at that time. Can’t wait for fall weather!
  • Aim for 1-2 gym classes a week. I’d like to take both boys to the gym more in the 4-5pm time frame. It’s a little slower in KZ then, and Thomas is also there a lot at that time. Birch is up from nap. Lunchtime would be my preference, but it interferes with B’s lunch too much I think.
  • Bring back some strength. Sarah and I went to night strength class a few weeks ago and it was fun! It hangs over me a bit, but I was sore for two days so it was a great workout. Once B goes down to one nap, I’ll be able to go back to my favorite 10:30am strength class on M + W. Gym classes are the best way for me to strength train. I don’t cheat out early!
  • Use the treadmill a bit. I’m not sure I’m quite ready to get up at 5:30am to do that, but looking towards the winter I think doing home workouts before the boys wake up OR after Thomas is home from work will make sense when I don’t want to leave the house on the cold, dark nights.

What workouts are you digging these days?

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