How To Beat The Winter Blues

The winter months are sometimes tough to get through mentally. When I put myself in summer mode, my mood boosts. Here are my tips on how to beat the winter blues.

tranquility bay resort sunset

Retirement planners always ask you “What’s your retirement dream?”

Some might say to play golf everyday, to travel to the corners of the world, to dive into hobbies like painting (hi mom!), or to simply enjoy the cozies of home with a book and tea without the stress of work.

My life goal dream is to spend my winters somewhere warm and sunny.

My bones ache for the warmth of the sun this time of year. While I do love my winter walks and winter sports, this season is just too long overall. (And I know some of you live in places far colder for far longer – I don’t know how you do it!!)

The years it has been possible we’ve traveled to St. Lucia and The Keys in the colder months, but this year we are obviously staying put. (Although with virtual school, this would have been a good year to plant ourselves on an island for the month of January!)

Just doing some of the summer routine in the winter tricks the mind into a summer vibe

So, I thought, if I can’t go to the Caribbean, I will bring the Caribbean to me!

How To Beat The Winter Blues:

Put on beach music

The Beach Boys. Reggae. Kenny Chesney.

Make a tropical drink. 

Embrace the pineapple with Julie’s Pineapple Mint Sangria, this Paloma with grapefruit, or this Summery Rose Cocktail, which looks right up my alley! Or stock up on Coconut LaCroix! 

Follow resort Instagram accounts.

Like this one. Take me virtually to the Maldives!

Warm your body

If you have a safe way to do it, go to a sauna, an indoor pool, a hot tub or simply take a hot bubble bath! Make your body feel like it’s summer and sweat.

Shop for a new bathing suit, summery clothes, or patio furniture 

They might be on sale! Check out my Amazon black bathing suit post from this summer, summer fashion favorites post, and porch furniture. Think ahead to your pool bag!

Watch Moana with the kids

Or your favorite beach movie. Or Survivor!!!

Eat all the tropical fruit

Bonus: it’s in season! Grapefruit, mango, pineapple. Get it frozen or order the tropical smoothies from Daily Harvest. Make coconut sorbet.

Have a summery dinner

Like burgers or skewers with pineapple or cold peanut noodles or summer pasta salad.

Read a good island novel.

I love anything by Elin Hilderbrand. (It’s prob not surprise I have never read any of her winter books – only the Nantucket summery ones!)

Wear tropical scents

Like this melting body balm with monoi flower! Or Citrus Mimosa Body Butter. Or just put on some sunscreen!

What is your favorite part about summer?