How to Buy an Individual Health Insurance Plan

Health is a fundamental concept of life and living. Without health, there is nothing.

Despite everything we face as a daily hassle, we should always take out time to take care of ourselves. The term “health” refers to a state of complete physical as well as emotional wellbeing. A human being’s priority should be his health.

Health divides into good and bad aspects such as a healthy person and a weak person. A healthy diet, exercise, immunization for illnesses, and self-constraint behavior can all improve a person’s fitness. In 1948 and 1986, WHO defined health by mentioning respective phrases and views.

Health has some subtypes, which are first, physical health: a person’s physical health depends upon his exercise cycle, balanced nutrition, adequate rest, and, most of all, lack of disease. Lastly, Mental health: Mental health of a person refers to the emotional, social, and psychological wellbeing.

Our life is always insecure, so it is not possible to predict the future. But on the other hand, it is possible to take some measures of ad precautions as well.

So in this guide, we’ll explore…

There are many health care organizations around the globe to help individuals with their difficulties, and issues.US Health Group Is one of the families of companies as well as Life Insurance Company, and they also offer health independent plans. Its motive is to provide a better level of innovative health coverage for people. There are also many health insurances coverages. What insurance means is to protect oneself from any financial loss. You first have to sign a form or a contract with a policy.

Insurance policies help in minimizing the risk of monetary losses, both small and big, that causes due to one’s property damage. The most common types of insurance policies can be auto, health, homeowners, and life. Most citizens in the United States have car insurance, which is required by law.

The 5 Types of Insurance Plans

There is a total of five types of insurance plans. It depends on the cost structure and benefits.

  1. Bronze
  2. Silver
  3. Gold
  4. Platinum
  5. Catastrophic

When we talk about health insurance, it is a type of insurance coverage provided by the companies globally. It offers you facilities of paying any of your unexpected medical, hospitalization, or medical surgery-related costs under an agreement of an insurance policy. You will receive all the medical-related costs incurred from general injuries, hospitalization or any other kind of treatment that is under your health insurance policy.

Health insurance is the greatest idea, which you should be considering for the wellbeing of yourself and the people around you. The different plans of health insurance offered to you include different reimbursements. It all depends on the amount you can pay through the term of insurance.

The partial payments insurances also exist where individuals have to pay some portion of the cost while the health insurance providers are supposed to pay for the remaining percentage.

Key benefits of health insurance

There are many key benefits of health insurance. Firstly, you will get relief from paying high medical costs. You are also able to select your preferred doctor and hospital. It also benefits in arrangements of faster and quicker appointments. If you have any hospital phobia, you can also get home treatment. When we talk about age, health insurance is beneficial in terms of tax for senior citizens. Enrolling for family and individuals can also affect the length of procedure and documentation.

Disease benefits of health insurance

Most of the insurance companies provide Hospitalization cover plans for both critical and uncritical illnesses:

  • Critical illnesses can be:
  • Heart Attacks
  • Open Bypass Surgeries
  • Cancer Treatments
  • Stroke and Paralysis
  • Organ Failures
  • Transplants such as Liver and Kidney
  • Dental care
  • Maternity benefits

How much does it cover?

On a basic scale, it covers hospital expenses per person (pregnancy & some diseases excluded).it also includes room rent and nursing expenses. Thirdly, hospital expenses include surgical expenses and pills such as Anesthesia. The insurance company provides O.T. Charges, Consultation Fee, Nursing Charges, etc. It also extends to medicines, blood bags, oxygen supplies, dialysis, and chemotherapy if required.

Factors affecting your health insurance policy

Age is one of the factors that affect your health insurance policy. The other thing is your current and medical history and biodata. This factor requires some tests and report details as well to make sure what bad habits do you acquire, such as smoking and drinking alcohol. If you are a premium plan holder, your location is most probably to affect you. It depends on the cost of living in that region and the rules of the state.

Role of the individual in buying health insurance

Your personal information and details play a major role in acquiring health is important that you provide accurate details. Any incorrect information can show disrespect to the company’s terms and conditions.

Lacking areas of health insurance

It often depends upon the company’s policies and conditions. Some companies have high-cost rates with fewer benefits, and some companies have low-cost rates but no such good benefits. Most of the time, companies do not provide cover in case of serious illness and treatment.

Here are some treatments that are not covered by the health insurance company:

  • Cosmetic procedures
  • Fertility treatments
  • Off-label prescriptions
  • New treatments and products

Before buying a health insurance plan:

To buy a health insurance plan, you should never forget to highlight and give a thought on these factors, including finding and searching the best plans that suit your goals and aims.

  • Always remember to review and compare it with other insurance company plans.
  • Get the whole information about the procedure and documents required. And do get yourself an insurance plan brochure if needed.
  • When it comes to documentation, provide your correct and current information.
  • Get it done and ask if you have any queries.
  • Get it done and decide for frequent follow-ups.
  • Consult an advocate if you are having any problem while signing this insurance plan.

Get it done

Some things to remember are:

After viewing and considering these notes, the health insurance company will provide you with some offers and schemes. Do not forget to ask them briefly about everything, even their rules, regulations, and policies.


Health insurance is one of the most precious gifts for humanity.

Each one of us always deserves an extra chance, even when it comes to life as well. All of us deserve to be taken care of and to treat ourselves if any disease overtakes us.

To stay fit like before and do regular checkups and treatments, you need health insurance. In today’s world, health insurance or any insurance is not a lavish or luxury need, but a basic need.