How To Cook Blue Apron: The Video

Here’s a peek into how to cook Blue Apron start to finish: join my family in a video story that covers everything from prepping ingredients to creating a special date night in! This post is sponsored by Blue Apron. Get $100 across your first 5 boxes.

Blue Apron Scallops in a bowl being eaten with a fork

What’s on the Blue Apron Menu This Week?

Seared scallops! With truffle zest, which was incredible!!

a blue apron premium meal of scallops and pasta with wine and gold silverware

This recipe was one of Blue Apron‘s premium recipes for Valentine’s week: Seared Scallops & Mushroom Pasta with mixed nut & chocolate truffles

How to Cook Blue Apron: The Video

If you’re curious how to cook Blue Apron, here’s a sneak peek into the recipe preparation process. To capture the moments start to finish, we turn to video. 


About The Dish

Truffle Zest is my new favorite ingredient. It’s an ingredient I would not have had in my pantry if it weren’t for Blue Apron.

The dish featured fregola sarda pasta (like a pearled couscous) with baby spinach, mushrooms, garlic, crème fraîche, verjus blanc, and truffle. Crispy seared scallops were served on top! 

rinsing pastapeeling garlicmushrooms sizzling

perfectly seared scallops on a plate

Kath eats cooking in the kitchen

perfectly seared scallops on top of couscous and mushroom dish

Kath younger eating blue apron

Choose your recipes

Each week you can choose quick and easy recipes (simple recipes ready in 30 minutes or less), wellness recipes (focused on high-quality nutrition with a balance of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and lean proteins), or premium recipes (add a few dollars to your plan for premium ingredients and a little extra all around). You can mix and match too! We usually do this and save the easier recipes for busier nights and the premium recipes for the weekends.

Kath and Thomas enjoying a blue apron dinner

Blue Apron Promo Code

If you’re finally ready to give Blue Apron a try, I have a promo code just for you guys!

Get $100 across your first 5 boxes.

That’s $20 off a week for 5 weeks. You can do the 2-person plan for as low as $27 a week with this offer, or you can choose the 4-person plan (which I like because you can cook once, eat twice or feed more mouths).

Thanks to Marybeth Wells Photography for capturing these moments.