How To Store Wine (When You Don’t Have A Cellar)

Are you curious how to store wine? I was storing mine the wrong way! This post shows how I turned a cool, dark nook in my basement into a little DIY wine cellar.

When I started buying nicer clean wines on the regular, I knew I needed to rethink my storage options. I WISH I had a whole room dedicated to rows of aging wines. But most of us don’t have the space for something that grand. The idea to turn our basement nook into a wine storage area came about because I realized I was storing wine the wrong way. We have an extra fridge downstairs where I put ALL of my wine for a while (red and white). It kept the whites ready to chill and the reds “not hot” so I thought that would be a smart way to store wine. That was until I Googled “Is it ok to store wine in a fridge?” The fridge is actually NOT ideal! Whoops.

So where should you store wine?

If a dedicated cellar is out of the question, the next best thing would be a fridge built for wine storage with optimized climate for both red and white wines. I would eventually like a freestanding (or built in!) dedicated fridge like this one. But that’s not a priority at the moment. So the third best thing for long-term wine storage is a cool, dark place where bottles are still and sideways.

I keep my “next to drink wines” in a vintage box fitted with a wire rack in my kitchen.

The nook before

This little nook in my house was previously a catch-all for relocated decor to be used in the future. I had a silver tray of my grandmother’s that desperately needed polishing, some candle sticks, extra frames, antique crocks, and more. That chair is one my grandmother painted of Williams Shakespeare!

I needed to find a good spot for some of these things in other areas of the house!

I had also started to pile bottles and boxes here as I collected them.

The “Cellar” After

After I had relocated most of the decor, I was able to organize the bottles in a pretty row. I am on the hunt for a rack that will fit perfectly in these shelves for phase 2, but for now I don’t have enough wine to warrant a second row. (Those little minis are from a sampler Scout and Cellar offered!)

Wine storage rack ideas:


On the bottom, I moved the chair to a more visible spot in my house and brought in this wooden crate I had in our storage room. It’s now housing guest towels, but I could see it turning on its side and being an extra area for wine storage if need be.

How do you store the wine in your house?

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