How to Survive This Stress Storm + Heal Yourself Naturally

You may know Naomi Whittel from her New York Times best-selling book on diet and healthy lifestyle. Or perhaps you’ve seen her with Dr. Sanjay Gupta in her role as a trusted “wellness warrior” as she’s been called because of her tireless dedication to fighting the health issues that affect us, and our families.

Naomi Whittel is a fervent believer in actual “self-care” and has travelled the world – from Panama to Singapore; Cameroon to Okinawa; and many parts in-between – to find healing solutions that really work. Having personally battled a painful and embarrassing autoimmune condition triggered by inflammation, she then spent years researching and refining ways to better support her own immune system. Today, she’s sharing one of the best, proven solutions with us…

The Inflammation Barrage

You are under constant attack by what I call “hidden inflammation”. It’s a 24/7 assault upon every part of your body. It can muck up your digestive system; burden your heart; fog your brain; make your joints stiff and achy; sap your energy; and make your skin look like weathered leather.

Frankly, inflammation targets your body like a human pin cushion. And not one single part is immune to the danger. If you don’t do something to fight back, you could look and feel years older before your time. It’s nearly impossible to hide from the causes of chronic inflammation. Here are just a few of the dangers:

• Environmental pollution – largely unavoidable, unless you live in a (non-plastic) bubble.

• Poor Diet – a couple drinks; burger & fries; that morning bagel; a typical pasta dinner; a slice of birthday cake…they all contribute.

• Excess Stress – you don’t have any of that, do you (maybe even an extra helping right now)?

Stress in the Age of Covid

Normal everyday life is stressful enough. Add Covid to the mix, and stress zooms off the charts.

More than half of Americans – and rising – report increased stress and worry. Alcohol consumption is up. So is “stress eating”. And quality sleep is down. What worries me is that study after study shows stress weakens the immune system – exactly what you don’t need in times like these.

That’s why I’m so eager to share this all-natural, anti-inflammatory healing combo. Sure, there are times you need doctors and pharmacological solutions, but most of the time you’re on your own. And if you don’t strive for your best possible health every day, no one else is going to do it for you.

That’s why my passion is discovering, unlocking and refining the healing power of nature’s immense bounty and bringing these solutions to people like you…

…backed by both healing traditions and modern scientific evidence.

…personally researched, tested and then clearly explained.

…and meticulously refined to the most-exacting standards for purity and effectiveness.

I discovered the keys to this time-honored – and now scientifically-proven – therapy in my travels to Bangalore, India and the South of France. You may be familiar with some of the benefits of Turmeric and Resveratrol. Perhaps you even take some form of them already. Please keep reading to learn why my Turmeric + Resveratrol formula rises above the rest and creates a potent “1 + 1 = 3” synergy when it comes to battling chronic inflammation.

Consider just a few of turmeric’s clinically proven benefits…

Chronic Inflammation: I can’t say this strongly enough: Chronic inflammation – even at levels so low that it remains hidden – is implicated in virtually all major health issues.

Research shows the enzyme COX-2 triggers inflammation in your body. But gold-standard clinical studies show that Turmeric is the most potent and effective natural substance for neutralizing COX-2.

Heart Health: Researchers have concluded that reducing inflammation is essential to maintaining heart health. And breakthrough research shows Turmeric can reduce the critical inflammation marker CRP (C-reactive protein) an incredible 44%! What’s more, Turmeric has been shown to cut LDL cholesterol 21% and slash damaging triglycerides an astounding 47%.

Your Brain: “BDNF” is a growth hormone critical to youthful brain function. In fact, scientists believe it may be key to keeping you sharp as a tack as you age. Impressively, studies have shown that Turmeric promotes the production of BDNF.

Here’s the key — Turmeric is the rare substance that crosses the blood/brain barrier – it actually seeps into brain tissue to increase blood flow and reduce the dangerous inflammation that can cause degenerative disease.

In fact, one recent placebo-controlled, double-blind trial showed that Turmeric drove improvement in memory and mood in adults – while decreasing fatigue. too.

Joint Pain: One rheumatoid arthritis study proved Turmeric more effective and safer than solutions typically recommended by doctors.

Another study of osteoarthritis showed that Turmeric relieved joint pain as well as mainstream remedies – relieving joint stiffness and improving function – without the side effects of standard treatments.

The Benefits of Turmeric

Promotes brain health
Protects your heart
Eases joint pain
Improves metabolic function
Erases chronic inflammation
Aids digestion and soothes digestive problems
Neutralizes free radicals
Fights aging
Improves skin health

For my money, Turmeric is nature’s most powerful weapon against the ravages of aging and chronic inflammation.

Ever since I first traveled to India, where it has been used in cooking and as medicine for centuries, I’ve been a believer. I cook with it; I make tea; and I supplement my diet every day with this high-grade Turmeric + Resveratrol combo.

If you’re concerned about the dangers of unseen, chronic inflammation and the health of your heart or brain – or if you suffer from joint stiffness, digestive problems or skin issues – I urge you to do the same.

The French Paradox + The
Power of Resveratrol

Resveratrol:Because we all want to look and feel younger than our age. I love the synergy of combining Turmeric with Resveratrol. They are both powerful anti-inflammatory agents, but all my experience and research show that combining the two creates a virtual anti-aging fortress.

I first fell in love with Resveratrol years ago, extolling its many virtues long before it became “cool”. You see, I traveled extensively through the South of France studying the “French Paradox” – the fact that the French have much lower incidence of serious heart problems, despite a diet loaded with cheese, fatty fish and oils.

The mitigating factor? Research points to the fact that the French drink lots (and lots) of red wine. And that just happens to be a great source for one of the most powerful antioxidants in nature’s bounty – the polyphenol, Resveratrol. It’s like unlocking the fountain of youth.

I studied Resveratrol in the vineyards of Bordeaux and marveled at how this healing compound is found in all parts of red grapes – from the stems, fruit, and seeds, to the skin of the grapes.

In fact, this incredible antioxidant actually protects the vines against pathogens. And in a way, it could do the same for you. But you’d need to drink a hundred glasses of wine to get the same benefits offered by one daily dose of my Turmeric + Resveratrol combo.

Have you ever heard of “longevity genes”? That’s the nickname for “sirtuins” – proteins that directly affect metabolism, cellular health and even lifespan. In particular, Resveratrol activates SIRT1 – the most-widely studied sirtuin – and triggers autophagy, the cellular process that allows your body to repair and rejuvenate itself. In other words, it helps you “stay young” – or as young as possible – in appearance and ability.

The Benefits of Resveratrol

May extend lifespan
Supports healthy cartilage
Protects brain function
Helps balance blood sugar
Potent anti-inflammatory
Fights cellular oxidation
Promotes healthy cholesterol
Helps lower blood pressure

I wish you could go through my process of discovery with me, side-by-side. We’d travel together to Bangalore, India and the South of France, where Turmeric and Resveratrol have long been a part of everyday life. You’d meet both traditional healers and the scientists doing new clinical research; question them with me – and gain confidence in these natural healing compounds through their knowledge.

You see, I don’t just “think these things up” on my own. I consider myself a “co-creator”. I work with the growers of plants and herbs; old-time healers; and modern researchers to discover, refine and bring Mother Nature’s best, proven healing solutions directly to you. You deserve the absolute best for your money. It pains me when I see people throw away money on inferior products:

• Some supplements just pass unused through your system. Turmeric is a miraculous substance, but it’s not easily absorbed. That’s why I include one key ingredient to unlocking all its benefits – one that increases bioavailability by up to 2,000%!

• Watch out for binders, fillers and dyes that may trigger allergic reactions – or even depress immune function.

• Don’t trust supplements manufactured in dubious conditions overseas.

• Demand the proper form. For example, all “resveratrol” is not the same. You want to see “TRANS-resveratrol” included in the formula – the only kind proven to stimulate your “youth gene”.

• Get the right dosage for the right price – the internet is riddled with inferior products at inflated prices.

That’s why I created this specific Turmeric + Resveratrol formula –it’s my personal go-to immune-booster! It provides:

1. High-Potency Turmeric. Standardized to 95% curcuminoids, the key active ingredient promoting the many health benefits of Turmeric. That’s the highest level possible – and a huge healing difference when compared to many inferior products, watered-down to 50% curcuminoids or less!

2. Research-Level Dosage. At 1,000 mg you are getting a clinically proven dose of Turmeric every day. Many brands contain 100 mg or less – a waste of your money.

3. Super-Antioxidant Resveratrol. Get a full 100 mg of TRANS-Resveratrol – scientifically shown to help stimulate your “youth gene”. That’s all the “French Paradox” benefits of 100 glasses of red wine – without the alcohol!

4. Superior Absorption. This formula includes 10 mg of BioPerine black pepper extract, shown to increase turmeric absorption up to 2,000%. Even better, BioPerine also boosts absorption of Resveratrol by more than 200%!

5. Enhanced with 25 mg of Grapeseed Extract. For another heart health boost, research shows grapeseed can help lower blood pressure and improve blood flow.

6. Free of Magnesium Stearate. There are many concerns about the safety of this commonly used additive. In my opinion, the risk isn’t worth it – so I guarantee you won’t find it here.

7. Quality You Can Trust. My Turmeric + Resveratrol is manufactured in a state-of-the-art, FDA-inspected facility right here in the United States. Unlike many supplements that come from questionable sources, you can rest assured that the potency and purity of this product meets my exacting standards.

Today, you can get my Turmeric + Resveratrol at an incredibly affordable price – as low as $20 per bottle, less than half what some similar formulas cost! This offer is not available in stores – and that’s actually a big plus in today’s world. It ships FREE direct-to-your-door – and that means peace of mind and comfort in times like these.

Plus, you risk nothing with our 365-Day, No Questions Asked, Any Reason Money-Back Guarantee. Try my Turmeric + Resveratrol without risk now. If you don’t like it, if you’re not satisfied for any reason, simply return it within one year of purchase for a full, unquestioned refund.

All the benefits of my
Turmeric + Resveratrol Formula…

• Combats dangerous chronic inflammation
• Reduces the risk of dangerous heart conditions
• Neutralizes free radicals and fights aging
• Eases joint pain for better mobility
• Promotes brain health as you age
• Reduces the risk of cognitive decline
• Protects against inflammation-related digestive issues
• Activates your “youth genes”
Take advantage of this limited-time offer today!

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