How Two Powerful Words Can Change Your Life

What are the two most powerful words in the world?

Love You?

Trust You?

How about Thank You?

Of all the words we say and wish we didn’t say, the spoken phrase “Thank You” is one that can drastically change your relationships and life.

These two great words that mean life-changing make you appreciate what you have rather than what you don’t have.

Moreover, a few words of gratitude can be the most powerful words for personal growth because they make you stop and focus on the simplistic beauty of our world and the miracle of life itself.

giving thanks - gratitude - thank you

Words Have Power

You know that words cannot change reality, but you got to understand that words can change how people grasp reality. It’s very important if you want to transform your relationships and life.

Here are some examples that will show you how influential such a straightforward phrase as “Thank You” can be.

  • Simply saying “Thank You” to your parents and it can help your dad and mum realize how much you care about them.
  • Simply saying “Thank You” to your kids and it can lead them to smile and hug you.
  • Simply saying “Thank You” to your spouse and it can take your relationship to the next level.
  • Simply saying “Thank You” to your friend and it can lead to a greater bond of trust.
  • Simply saying “Thank You” to your employee and it can cause positive affirmations for work success.

As you see, all these examples above prove that the power of words is limitless and you can use it to express your feeling of gratitude and, in such a way, change people’s attitude to you.

Besides, these two simple words can help you change the world around you for the better.

It’s a chance not to be missed!

Gratitude - thank you

How The Words You Choose Shape Your Life

It doesn’t really matter who you are in this life, the importance of thankfulness cannot be underestimated. There are specific reasons why thankfulness can shape your life, and if you don’t be afraid of saying “Thank You” and be always ready to hear them in response, there are amazing things that will begin to happen with you over time.

Make You Be A Happier Person

One great way that gratitude can change your life is by making you feel happier. Scientifically it’s proved that grateful people who often say “Thank You” are much happier in their lives because they’re more optimistic and always see things in the best light. When you’re thankful for things you have in your life, it’s perfectly natural that your life seems fulfilled and full of happiness. You realize and value things you have and don’t take notice of things you don’t have in your life. (And, it releases ‘happy’ chemicals in your brain!)

Meet your happy brain chemicals

Shift Your Focus

Well, life is all about focus. No matter what you focus on, you always move forward. If you live in a state of lack and negativity, you concentrate just on that. Unfortunately, this negativity is starting to become a habit and result in psychological breakdowns. However, just imagine how cool it is to see things in a positive light, even in case of problems. Gratitude can help you look for the silver lining in any situation and value the beauty of all things.

Improve Your Ability To Learn

Let’s just say life takes some surprising turns. But if you learn to be grateful for any situation, you might have a chance to enlarge your knowledge about life. Don’t confine yourself! Always keep in mind that behind every problem lies an opportunity. All you need to do is be able to see this opportunity and seize it.

Lighten Your Mood

A positive mindset and simple daily gratitude will make your life complete and successful. Gratefulness can boost your brain stem to produce serotonin and dopamine – chemical messengers that are responsible for emotional well-being and reducing negativity. So remember the main universal law! You’ll attract in your life the things you think about and concentrate on. Think positively and be thankful. In this case, your life will full of positive and high spirits.

Increase Your Brain Power

Being grateful means to live your life with an open heart, and most importantly, with an open mind. When you live with a deep sense of appreciation, you stop dwelling on any illusions and expectations of certain things. And that can help you a lot and, first of all, influence the brain function. You should know that thankfulness leads to activation and synchronization of multiple brain regions, and enhance parts of the brain’s reward pathways and the hypothalamus. By being thankful, it’s easy to boost your brain capacity, learn faster, and remember more.

Enhance The Quality Of Your Life

Gratitude is a behavior that can directly influence the quality of your life. The more you express gratitude for what you have, the more likely you will have even more to express thanks for. Thankfulness can transform your life by literally enhancing the quality of it. Gratitude lays a sound foundation for your stability in life, makes it more comfortable as well as fruitful.

Moreover, don’t forget that gratitude is closely linked to the satisfaction of life. People who express appreciation for things are far more sated in their lives. So you should try to appreciate the importance of things in your life, regardless of their size, shape, and price, and find the beauty in everything.

Decrease Your Deepest Fears

One more effective way that thankfulness can transform your life is by lowering your fears. It’s quite difficult to be scared and thankful at the same time. Let’s think what fear actually is?

Well, fear is a particular state that occurs when you’re left to fixate on issues that you feel are out of your control. You’re living in a state of fear when you start to imagine the worst-possible pictures related to these issues, and this feeling makes you crazy. However, there’s a way out. By being thankful, you can overcome all your fears and find harmony within yourself.

Just start saying “Thank You” to the people around you, just start saying “Thank You” for everything you have, including your problems, and soon you’ll see that fears have little space to live in your life.

Inspire You To Achieve Your Goals

If you set goals the right way, you have a chance to reach them. Having an attitude of gratitude can help you change your life and bring you closer to your goals.

Thankfulness lays the foundation for internal success. When you’re happy, satisfied, active, when you balance your mind, body, and spirit, you can achieve your goals much faster, and nothing will distract you from reaching them.

Create a solid platform of thankfulness and live life to the fullest.

Two words of gratitude…

Eight letters of thankfulness…

Decide how powerful and important they are for your life?

Decide how beneficial they can be for you and the people around you?

Okay, that’s something to think about…

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