I Like To Cook With Wine + Cozy Weekend Meals

Hi guys! Our weekend was split between cozy weekend meals, soccer, and family time. Sorry for going MIA yesterday. My brain gets totally torn between reminding myself the internet won’t break if I don’t put up a single blog post and the rules and expectations I have created for myself. I don’t like to be unpredictable! Sunday was a bit crazy with a long soccer game in the morning and then another in the afternoon during which I hurt my foot and I was so exhausted by the end of the day I couldn’t find it in me to open the computer!

But after a nice rest day yesterday I’m revived! I don’t think there’s anything seriously wrong with my foot. I think I tried to sprint too hard when my foot was already pretty stiff from the morning and strained a tendon. The worst part was it happened 5 minutes into the game so I didn’t even get to play!

Let’s rewind back to Friday night…

Friday night at the Nest County Fair

Every year our realtor’s firm, Nest Realty, has a big event with BBQ and drinks and kids games and music. It’s a blast, and we recognize someone at every turn. The joke is you have to buy a house to get free BBQ and drinks once a year! But it’s worth it. Totally worth it.

We walked downtown and had perfect weather!

Saturday Morning Workouts

I look forward to my Saturday mornings all week! It’s a nice little escape for mommy. Afterwards I had a pumpkin chai smoothie from the ACAC cafe.

Thomas got a shoulder workout working on the framing for the rest of the day!

Midday I took Mazen to his soccer game. He had a really sweet goal! We watched the movie Alex & Me with Alex Morgan recently together and Mazen has a new appreciation for drills and moves.

I was SO SO glad it wasn’t over 80 degrees!!

Grocery Shopping

Birch was home with Nona, and Mazen went with Matt and Katie out to lunch, so I ended up at Wegman’s by myself! I had some hot bar for lunch. Simple fish, some veggies and a corncake.

I probably should have gotten a big cart!


Birch was up in the night on Friday, so we both took little naps that afternoon. Little because someone was outside banging over 5 minutes and woke us up! Poor Birchie was sleepy.

Prep Day

Roasted squash + sweet potatoes for the week.

Still working!!!

I Like To Cook With Wine – Sometimes I Even Put It In The Food!

Thomas and Birch caught up on the couch, and I made us Shrimp Scampi for dinner!

We used this recipe, which T’s mom has been raving about. (I doubled it and omitted the shallots, naturally).

It was SO good! The lemon zest + butter + garlic combo = 100%

Sunday Morning Soccer

Pre soccer bagel with cream cheese and coffee. This was one of the Dave’s Killer pumpkin spice bagels they sent me. I have been loving them!


Sunday Dinner = Cozy Weekend Meals

We ended our cozy weekend meals with roast chicken!

Plus sides of brown rice and salad.

Hope you guys had a nice weekend (and Monday!)