I’m A Better Mom When I Wear A Sports Bra

I’m a better mom when I wear a sports bra

The best/worst way to tell kids you can’t play with them? “Sorry sweetie I don’t want to get all sweaty!” Just like when I’m wearing athleisure I’m more likely to exercise, if I’m wearing comfortable clothes I can move in I’m much more likely to actually PLAY with the kids. My BFF Sarah plays with her kids in dresses and heels – I have no idea how she stays comfortable :mrgreen: While it’s nice to shower for the day, I’m so much more likely to do fun mom stuff if I’m dressed like I’m ready for exercise.

Birch and I have been talking walks after lunch for a nice little activity. It’s a great way for us to get out in the fresh air. And it’s SO nice now that it’s not 100 degrees at 1:00.

If Mazen wants to play tag or kick a soccer ball after school, I’m much more inclined to say “sure!” if a wardrobe change does not need to happen first.

Actual footage of me after playing hard with the boys

I’m a better mom when I am well fed

I have guilt around losing my mojo in the kitchen after having kids. But the truth is that I just don’t love cooking when I’m feeling rushed and distracted and would rather be spending time with my kids instead of telling them to skidaddle. I need to GET OVER the guilt and accept that by asking for help I am so much happier and healthier than I would be otherwise. Plenty is a made-from-scratch personal chef business we have been using since Birch was born and it’s LIFE CHANGING. Della (the chef) uses the tagline “Food Is Self Care” and she is so right. Eating nutritious healthy food is a huge priority of mine and supporting her business ensures that I am meeting that need while also saving me tons of time I would be otherwise in the kitchen. We don’t order all of our food for the week from Plenty – usually 1-2 dinners and a few lunch salads – but it’s enough to make a huge difference on the busiest of weeknights. One thing I remind myself: this season of young children is not going to last forever.

I’m a better mom when I have some company

I love playing one on one with my children….for a while. Then I really start to crave adult mental stimulation. I need some girlfriend conversation, some gym time, or even Instagram time (because you guys are my virtual friends!) to ease the loneliness. It makes me wonder how women on the frontier got by without anyone for miles and no digital connections. I’m an extravert and need to chatter away for energy. My boys do too – Mazen begs for playdates and Birch has loved some recent visits to KidsZone. ACAC was my life connection when Mazen was young. It wasn’t just a place to workout but my social outlet as well. Dropping down to one nap sometime soon will help tremendously with our availability. I need to make sure I schedule playdates and get to the gym more as we move into winter.

What are some of the realizations you’ve had since becoming a parent?