Instant Overnight Oats

I have a new technique for you: Instant Overnight Oats. It’s the short cut for the short cut of eating oatmeal! Sometimes you just don’t have all night ????

New breakfast: Instant Overnight Oats

Is that an oxymoron?! I think so. We all know overnight oats as the popular way to soak rolled oats (or instant or quick cooking steel cut) in milk and/or yogurt to make a no-cook, portable, high protein breakfast. All too often though, I forget to make them! With a seven year old home from school and a toddler, I am all over the quick breakfasts these days. This technique came to me serendipitously (is that a word?!) because after mixing up my ingredients, I was pulled away from breakfast for 10 minutes to tend to the boys. When I came back I realized I had a wonderful overnight oats consistency in much less time! And so I’ve been making what I’m calling “Instant Overnight Oats”

How to make them

The main ingredient is obviously instant oatmeal. One packet of instant oats will do or you can use a third cup of instant oats from a canister. I keep plain on hand to minimize sugar and maximize creative flavor control, but if you are a strawberries ‘n cream girl, you can certainly use flavored.

Add oatmeal to an equal part liquid and stir together.

I used one packet of plain instant oats, 1/3 cup milk, and a little chocolate protein powder and peanut butter powder for flavors.

Come back 10 minutes later and add any crunchy toppings you like.

Check out that texture!

Naked Nutrition

Naked Nutrition sent me their powdered peanut butter and grass-fed whey protein to try out, and I’ve been adding them to this recipe and smoothies. They make very pure ingredient products (hence the name naked). I’m talking ingredient lists of 1-3. Just what you need and nothing more! The powdered peanut butter ingredient list is a list of one: “roasted peanuts.” And the Vanilla Less Naked Whey has three ingredients: whey protein from grass-fed cows, vanilla powder, and organic coconut sugar. There’s also the original Naked Whey without any flavor and a vegan Naked Pea that comes in plain, vanilla, and chocolate as well.

This is by far the fluffiest protein powder I’ve ever used, and the vanilla flavor reminds me of marshmallows! You know I’m a huge fan of texture.

I love it in the vanilla version of Instant Overnight Oats too. Note I usually use way less than a big scoop of powder in a non-blended recipe like this. Maybe 2-3 teaspoons at the most. These crunchy toasted coconut flakes (from TJs) are pretty awesome too!

What breakfast mixtures have you been making lately?

This little dude says “Have a great day!”

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