Kids, Candles, Countryside

Thomas and I were just saying how we feel that fall is whipping by and we have yet to do any “fall activities.” Between Birch’s long naps (which we are very thankful for!), Mazen and our soccer schedule, and splitting time with dada, we don’t seem to have wide open days to do things like corn mazes and pumpkin patches. I’m also flying out of town next Sunday, so we are going to have to schedule something fun for Saturday and then pack a lot into the big birthday weekend following! But November is a good fall month too, so hopefully it doesn’t start snowing too soon!

At least the pumpkin beer consumption has been on point

Friday Lunch at Tilman’s

Just a quick little outing with some babies and mamas on a beautiful day!

Friday Sushi Party

We dropped the ball on dinner and decided to order sushi. Mazen has recently announced he likes sushi “but only with soy sauce” so we were excited for him to have it. He ate the shrimp tempura roll but wasn’t too into any of the fancier styles.

Little boy LOVES bath time! (Big boy hates it)

Friday Night Candlelight

Blog reader Sarah works at The Candle Lab and sent me a sampler pack of some of their best smelling options. The candles are hand poured in-store every day using natural soy wax, pure fragrance oils, and cotton-paper wicks. They have over 140 fragrances to choose from on the website. For those of you who live in the Columbus, Cincinnati, or Pittsburgh areas, they have stores were you can pour your own custom-scented candle. I love all of the scents Sarah “scent” me (haha) and my favorites are Christmas Tree and Bamboo.

Use the code KATHEATS25 for 25% off your first purchase (shipping is free over $40)


One lucky person will win a $50 gift card. To enter, visit The Candle Lab and comment with the scent of candle you’d most like to try! 

Saturday morning workout

I enjoy my Saturday morning gym escape so much! Thomas made the boys French toast while I sweated for a fast 45 minute sesh.

Refueled with cheesy eggs, half a pumpkin spice bagel and strawberries.

Soccer Sat

After naps and a playdate for Mazen, we piled into the car for Mazen’s soccer game. He scored THREE goals this time – he’s in turbo mode!

Late Lunch at Lampo!

As we were heading home from the soccer game we saw T’s mom at Lampo and the timing worked out for us to join her for a fast lunch! Nothing like a surprise visit to Lampo. One of our favorite restaurants!

Afternoon by More Candlelight

I got real cozy on Saturday afternoon and watched TV (#DCC) and took a nap. It’s the time of the week I give myself 100% permission to do absolutely nothing.

A Trip To The Countryside

Saturday evening we headed to the country for a housewarming party for one of Thomas’s clients. His company built the custom home, and it was so cool to see it all decorated and complete! Also, is this not the best picture ever?!

Cheese plate + apps for din!

Look at the hilarious face Birch was making. He actually does like being on my back!

Mmmm human baby tastes so good!

This is how we relax

We were home and in lounge clothes by 8:00. I commented: “Someday, when the kids are older, we will have end tables again!” But for now we have to use chairs for our tea!

Sunday Happenings

  • Biscuits for breakfast
  • Soccer (2 hours, no subs) at 11
  • Vineyard with some girlfriends for a part of the afternoon
  • Football
  • Family dinner

Hope y’all had a great weekend!