Kindle Kids Edition Review

The new Kindle Kids Edition has been an awesome purchase for Mazen so far! Here are all the details of what it is (and what it isn’t!) and how it’s designed for young readers.

reading with mom

About a year ago Mazen asked me if he could get a Kindle. He had just started reading books, and I thought it might actually be a great tool for him. I am absolutely obsessed with my Kindle Paperwhite, and figured if it had me reading more it might have him reading more too. But at the time the only options I could find were to buy a Amazon Fire Tablet with a Kindle app on it or get him the adult version tied to my Amazon account. Since we already had an iPad and I didn’t want to give him free range to buy books, I tucked the idea away for later.

Recently when I again tried Googling “how to set up a Kindle for kids” I discovered that Amazon came out with a Kindle designed for kids last fall! (I have no idea why their marketing didn’t reach me sooner.) Mazen’s grandmother KK and I were chatting about it, and she offered to send it to Mazen. Since schools, public libraries, and bookstores are closed, this is the perfect way to get kids reading book after book without having to leave the house.

kindle kids edition on bed

What is the Kids Kindle?

  • it’s a black and white 10th edition Kindle just like the Paperwhite
  • it has a super long battery life
  • the kids version is connected to the parent’s Amazon account and managed through the parent dashboard
  • free of apps, ads, and other distracting things
  • “Reading time not screen time”
  • Has an achievements tab to track daily reading goals
  • Ability to connect to Audible (requires either Bluetooth headphones or a speaker)

kindle kids edition home page

What’s included in the Kindle Kids Edition price?

While at first you might not want to spend $109 on a kids’ device, everything that is included might change your mind:

  • 1 year of FreeTime Unlimited
  • A nice hard case
  • A 2 year protection plan that means if they break it Amazon will replace it (the peace of mind most parents want to hear!)

Tell me more about FreeTime

There are thousands of books from the Harry Potter series (!) to educational books, animal books, comics, and more. They are always adding titles (they say!) so your child will never run out. After your free year it’s only $2.99 a month. I’d pay a lot more than that to keep my child reading!

child reading kindle on ottoman

What can you do in the parent dashboard?

  • See which books your child has been reading and how many minutes on each
  • See total time read by day
  • Set age guidelines so only books that are in that range show up
  • Send books you purchase to your kids kindle and share any in your library you want
  • Note you will see controls for Amazon Fire tablets too, like screen time limits

kindle kids parent dashboard

So how’s it going? Is he reading?

YES. It’s gone great. While right now he is buzzing through all of the Big Nate books (which are comic-style) he’s been reading for hours! It’s so great that when he finishes one book he can start another right away. $109 just for the books would be great, so I feel the kindle has already paid for itself. We have set a 45 minutes a day goal. Some days he doesn’t read anything and other days he’s reading for 2 hours.

boy reading kindle kids edition on sofa

Since I’m always trying to read more, I love reading with him. Sometimes I have to sit down with him to get him settled down to read, but that is always fine with me because I love to be “forced” to sit and read for a few. It has truly been a win-win for us both. I hope the newness will not trail off – I will be sure to update this post in a few months to report back.

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