Kitchen Organization Accessories Favorites

This list of my favorite kitchen organization accessories helps to keep pots, lids, storage containers, spices, and more neatly stacked and stored!

neatly organized spice jars with chalk board labels

Who doesn’t have a goal to maximize space and minimize clutter in their kitchen? While you can toss tupperware in drawers or stack baking dishes until they might tip over, a few handy dandy accessories will help keep your kitchen assortment as neat as possible. Some of you might have a tiny apartment kitchen where every inch counts and others might have a dreamy walk-in pantry that is overflowing with packages of Goldfish and avalanches of baby pouches. Here are some of my favorite kitchen organization accessories – some of which you might already have in other rooms!

My Favorite Kitchen Organization Accessories

1. Baskets and bins

The world’s most popular way to corral items is a good basket. Ideal for small items like cloth napkins, baby pouches in your pantry, lids, tupperware and more. We store our extra tupperware high up above our pantry in a big basket that is lightweight and easy to get down. Plastic bins are also great because they are see-through and easy to clean if your condiments or fridge snacks spill inside. And if you want to get fancy with your water bottle storage, this stacker is quite neat! (Mine never fit vertically in my cabinets!) If you don’t want to buy new ones, you probably have some baskets and bins you can repurpose in your house for the kitchen.

Woven basket | Clear plastic bin | White pantry bins | Water bottle stacker

baskets in a pantry looking neat

2. Risers + Dividers

The best way to increase your cabinet storage is through risers. We use them to add an extra mini shelf in our glassware cabinet and again in the pantry to maximize the height of our canned good storage. You can also buy specific risers just for stacking frying pans which makes it easier to grab just the size you need. For your deeper drawers, dividers can really help to keep items from shifting. I’ve seen people use deep drawers in an island for plates and bowls so kids can reach them. Drawer dividers help guide where to return clean dishes.

Shelf risers | Pan risers | Drawer dividers

glasses in a cabinet using a shelf riser

3. Spice Storage

I’ve had this set of spice jars from Crate and Barrel for years. I love that I can pop the top off quickly and either sprinkle or scoop without having to deal with those plastic tops that are impossible to get your nails off when you need a teaspoon! I’ve also seen these cool spice holders that save space. I love that they look like a jar! For your bigger foods, decanting into containers not only looks better but helps you see how much you have as well. Mason jars work well for this too! You can use chalkboard labels or write on them with a washable marker.

Spice jars | Flat spice zipper bag | Pantry labels

neatly organized spice jars with chalk board labels

4. Sheet Pan Rack

A horizontal sheet pan rack is a must have. Unless you have a flat and wide drawer specifically for baking sheets, I can’t think of a better way to store cutting boards and sheet pans! Note you don’t have to use a rack designed just for this – an office file divider can work too!

baking sheets and cutting boards organized on a rack

5. Use one kind of food storage container

For years I had a mix of all different kinds and sizes – cheap plastic that people had left at my house and a few glass. They drove me nuts! I finally invested in a good set of glass containers and my drawers have thanked me.

Glass storage containers | Glass meal-prep containers | Glass mixed sizes

6. For the countertops

A good vintage wooden cheese box is great for our salt, pepper, and butter. I have a bunch of these my grandmother gave me, and they are perfect for the depth of our pantry shelves. I also LOVE a knife rack (like this pretty wooden one) so you don’t use any counter real estate on a block. (One day I would love a drawer with knife storage built in even more!) And finally, get a pretty sponge holder so you don’t have to see your sponge when you walk in the kitchen. Pretty linens and a nice dish soap dispenser complete your counters with a grown-up feel.

Cheese boxes on Etsy | Knife rack | Sponge holder | Pretty linens | Vintage soap dispensers

organized kitchen utensils in an aqua beachy holder and condiments in a wooden vintage box

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