Let The Good Times Roll On

We’re just rolling on through the weeks. School is almost “out.” Does anyone else find phase 1 a little scarier than phase 0? We all want to feel normal SO BADLY but we also all want to be cautious and continue to do the minimum. We have a beach trip to Bald Head planned for mid-June. As of today, we’re planning to go.

Phase 1 is also going to be hard because there is going to be a lot of judgement. On social media we are going to see people traveling, sitting outside in a restaurant, or otherwise not staying at home. (I’ve already seen all of these.) Nothing productive is going to come out of shaming people, so I hope everyone will make decisions for their own family and keep their opinions offline.

Practicing wearing masks

Trying out a playground

Lest the judgement begin, we took B to a deserted playground. He had THE BEST time and went down the slide 100 times. (Mazen was bike riding / B was the only child.)

Daily nature walk

Curls were on point!

Look at that hair!!

But when it’s wet….I’m still ready to cut it :mrgreen: It’s as long as mine!

Two Great Salads

These are actually from a few weeks ago but I forgot to share them!! The first is made up of all of our Mother’s Day brunch foods – cornbread, quinoa salad, some frittata on top and BELINI DRESSING! I literally poured peach simple syrup on as dressing and it was so good!! I’m going to have to make a legit dressing with peach juice soon…..

Salad #2 was more cornbread (made the best “croutons”) plus sweet potato fries, fresh berries, honey roasted almonds, and greens. More bellini dressing!

Taco Obsession

Take a while guess what we’ve been eating for dinner! Haha.

Mama did a little grilling and we had veggies with steaks one night (forgot to snap the pic!)

Enchiladas from Plenty!

A happy little breakfast plate!

Purple Monster Smoothie!

Hope you are all well!