Life At Home: Sunshine Edition

Look at those two rays of sunshine! I am not sure if I have a touch of seasonal affective disorder, but my mood and energy are directly associated with the weather. More day by day than month by month. Even if the sunshine comes out mid-day, my energy and mood do a dramatic shift. We had a string of warm, sunny days last week and weekend, and we made the most of them.

Living my best life

Happy hour in the backyard with the boys


Mazen’s plants are sprouting!

Remember the garden kit he did a while back? We have two of the three flowers sprouting! We were also given two dogwood trees from Pippin Hill and planted those in the garden (until they can be moved to a permanent spot). I told Mazen they were “Brother Trees” – one for each of them. He is SO PLEASED with his tree!

Patio Work

Thomas is fixing some sunken spots in our patio. Birchie is always a big help!


Nona dropped off her bubble machine for us and we’ve had a blast! It sure is nice not to have to blow each bubble by hand :mrgreen:

Porch Shenanigans

Grammie’s water table (we have this one) has been a hit on warmer days too. Those smocks I bought for Birch (here) he no longer wears to eat, but they’ve been great for keeping his outfit somewhat dry.

Also: this Tonka truck is the best gift we’ve ever gotten! Both kids LOVE it for riding/sitting in! (Note it came from our neighbors who have two girls so don’t forget the gals!)

Look at these sweet bros watching Peppa together <3

They aren’t always so sweet!! Ninja Mazen is pretty scary. Also, I put new batteries in the Mibro Robot and Mazen has been pranking us all week.

Home School

It’s going ok. Mazen gets an A+ in reading, art and P.E. and maybe a B- in most other subjects. (From me, I mean – he’s not getting graded from school since it’s basically pass/fail.) If you need help interpreting his list it says:

  • P.E.
  • Picture (art)
  • Morning meeting (with his class)
  • Reading
  • Bill Nye (3 videos)

+ lots of playtime

I’ve been hearing rumors we might not go back to school in the fall. If this period at home has taught me one thing it’s to live in the present. The future is just too much to think about.

PS. My laptop is back from Apple repair and I have a brand new keyboard and I like it even more than the original one!! If you have a wonky Apple keyboard – get it fixed!