Life Between Naps

I mentioned the concept of a compressed work week in my Monday post. I love the idea of it, even for someone like me who decides when I do whatever I need to do. But I actually feel the need to do the opposite right now and spreading out my task list to all seven days. Our beloved babysitter, Emily, moved to DC for her dietetic internship, and so I’m finding ways to get my posts written, client recipes done, and Beautycounter tasks, among other things, finished during nap time. That means that time blocks are short and unpredictable. Posts like this one are easy enough to do, but posts that require procuring ingredients; prepping, cooking and shooting a recipe; food styling, photography, cleaning the kitchen, photo processing, writing the post, and sometimes editing back and forth with client approvals – now that takes longer than a nap time to do! (I don’t know how you recipe-only bloggers do it! Batch days I suppose?) I’m having to revert to some evenings and weekends when Thomas is here to get a little bit of work in. And I’m actually OK with that because it means Birch and I get to have more playdates and fun during the week.

French Breakfast

Since our heat wave broke just a little I’ve been on walks downtown twice within the last week. Once for coffee (iced latte from Mudhouse!) and once with some other moms to Petite MarieBette where I picked up a croissant. Birchie got a little bite of croissant and was quite pleased!

Tomato Lessons

This is a grocery store heirloom with mozzarella and basil. Our tomatoes are just not coming out this year. We think deer might be eating them. Or maybe we planted them too late. I hope we get at least a few this year!

BBQ Chicken

T made this delicious grilled chicken for dinner.

Fun fact: BBQ chicken on the grill was the first meal he ever made for me, and I snuck this photo of him! I think it was the first photo I ever took of him, and I probably sent it to all of my BFFs ????

Chicken with risotto + goat cheese zucchini

(an old Blue Apron recipe we still make! Just toss cooked zucchini in goat cheese, salt, and pepper and let it melt.)

Moments after I fished a piece of mulch out of his mouth…

Big boy is standing!!

Eggs, blueberries + muffin to start the day

Post soccer freezer meal

Frozen fish filet (from Whole Foods) in a tortilla with greens, cilantro, yogurt dressing and sriracha!

Have a happy day!

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