Life Lately: The December Edition

Here’s a bit of this, that, & food from our past week!

Everybody say CHEESE!

Where the green grass finally grows

We’ve been spending a lot of time in the backyard lately, which is interesting because our backyard doesn’t get used nearly as much as it should. The grass is looking good though isn’t it?! 

Mazen has been enjoying playing Legos at the picnic table, and Birch has discovered the excavator at the neighbors’ house and is OBSESSED. He loves to work – just like his daddy!

Dino Land

Where did all the curls go?!

We’ve also been into soccer lately

Me vs. a 2 year old is a good boost of confidence in contrast to the 22 year old superstars I normally play against :mrgreen: 

Firehouse Dollhouse

This firehouse that used to be Mazen’s is getting a great encore!

F O O D!


I like my pancakes and waffles cut up like a 2-year-old. It’s the lazy way to eat!

Kodiak cakes with pumpkin – so delicious!!!

I love these stone ground English muffins we’ve been getting at Whole Foods!


Leftovers from a grill out – smoked chicken, asparagus, rice, and avocado & hot sauce

Kale salad with pita chips, smoked chicken, apple, raisins and avo!

Salmon / rice / massaged kale

The last of Thanksgiving!


Catch Sitka Halibut with rice and roasted veg medley. That’s homemade tartar sauce on the side! So good!

Take out from Bang! Gotta support those restaurants through the winter. That coconut rice is amaaaazing!

Blue Apron chicken stir fry! Loved the sauce on this one. Blue Apron is going to be doing a focus on health for 2021, and putting some superfoods recipes on the menu. I can’t wait to share more!

We’ll be decorating for the holidays the weekend!

See you on the other side : )