Life Lately

Hi friends!! I am feeling so energized these days! Mentally and physically. I’ve been getting up early (I even hit the gym at 5am yesterday!) and working like crazy in a totally good way. I wonder if it’s related to weaning over Christmas? Probably! It seems like hormones rule the world. Do I sound jazzed?! Maybe I just had too much coffee…!

Update on KERF

I have been furiously working on all the things these past two weeks. It’s been SO nice to let go of my old posting schedule and just flow. I’ve been working on a homepage redesign (with professionals for the first time ever (!) ), a brand new media kit, tons of small updates to older pages and posts, SEO, a new welcome sequence for my email list, and some blog posts in the pipeline. Things have been a little bit crazy but in a good way because there are no deadlines – just excitement. I also had three lightbulb moments that I can’t wait to bring to fruition. I actually don’t like the brainstorming stage – I like execution. And it feels good to finally have some direction after floundering for a year or two. I have a variety of podcasts to thank for helping me solidify my ideas.


LOVING the new porch for photography! I’m totally obsessed with our new West Elm table as a blonde wood backdrop. (It’s the Dexter and has already been discontinued!)


I’ve been digging yogurt bowls for breakfast this week

English muffin + mini omelet


The Thai Crunch Salad made a comeback!

Big bowl salads all week!


Mona Lisa fresh pasta + Bolognese + sautéed mushrooms


Mazey lost his front tooth!! And decided he might be ready for a haircut if he can style it like so:

Birchie’s hair would need it cut if it weren’t so curly! When it’s wet it hangs down his back, but right after bath his curls pop out like crazy! Obviously he gets them from his dad because I have the world’s straightest hair.

Birchie is energized too and has started running everywhere!

The Porch

A few of you have inquired if I’m going to share the “after.” Yes, definitely, but it’s technically not done yet. Thomas has to install the screen door, and I want to get a few more things (like an outdoor rug and a shade for the couch side for the bright sun mornings) before I do any kind of reveal. But I might wait until later this spring because our porch budget is currently at $0 – haha. We are LOVING it on warmer days though!!


Thomas and I got to go on a double date last weekend to the UVA game (sad loss) and dinner at Continental Divide. Thanks to Nona for watching the kiddos!

Hope you guys have fun plans for the weekend. I’m driving south on Monday with Mazen for a fun adventure. Can’t wait to tell you who I’m going to see!