Livin’ Local

Our best weekends start and end on the porch. These rocking chairs were such a great purchase!

Celebrating Cindy!

On Friday night we left Birchie sleeping with a babysitter and joined 20 of our favorite people at The Local for a dinner celebrating Cindy’s birthday! She turned 26 + ? and she and her husband, Eddie, hosted our group for a four-course dinner. So very generous of them, and such a fun night!

The Crew!

Sweat It Out

I had one too many delicious glasses of wine on Friday night and there was only one thing I knew I needed to do: sweat it out! I miraculously made it to Chris’s class at 8am and felt a lot better after a 45 minute dance party.

Rehydrating with pure, clean water.

New Smoothie For Breakfast

I love it when cool new things arrive on my porch, and I received a sample pack of these Thrive Smoothies. Just mix with milk and blend away. This flavor was great!

Facial with Alyssa

I had a nice little me-time morning with a facial at Blue Ridge Skin Therapy! Alyssa used all kinds of cooling products on me – from a peppermint lotion to a minty mask – and it was lovely to be under a warm blanket with a cool face.

Lunch From Belle

I stopped at Belle for a take-out lunch to bring home to Thomas.

Love their club on focaccia and the kale salad!

Afternoon Playtime

Dinner At Nona + John’s

Thomas, Birch and I joined the whole fam for dinner out in North Garden. We had apps, grilled steaks, tomato pie, salad, corn on the cob and key lime pie!! ‘Twas a relaxing and fun night.

Portraits by Aunt Layton!

Handmaid’s Saturday Night

Gus came out of his room to watch the latest Handmaid’s Tale with us. It was a really good episode (aka a lot happened!) Just two more to go in this season. Gus is still limping a bit, so we’re not sure if he’s healing well or just still sore from the surgery. He seems to be in good spirits though, and he’s getting lots of short walks around the block.

Sunday Funday

Thomas had his me-time with a nice summer golf outing with his brother and some friends. Mazen is now at Matt’s dad’s lake house in South Carolina. Busy travel boy! If you saw on Instagram, he had a super long and annoying trip home from NY to DC, and his suitcase was stuck in NY for a day. He and Matt drive from DC to SC, stopping for 4 hours in Cville at night. Crazy travel ambition! Mazen comes home on Wednesday, and we are so excited to see him!

We are keeping Mazen’s animals company while he’s away!