Living Room Refresh

Here are some ways I gave our living room a refresh! Sometimes it’s the smallest tweaks to decor that can lead to the clearest mind : ) 

Pottery Barn couch, rug and dining room table

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If you guys know me well (and I know some of you know me better than I know myself :mrgreen: ) you remember that every January I like to give my living room a refresh. I take out all the red and green and go super minimalist all around.

This comes as no surprise considering I rearranged my childhood bedroom once a month, every month, my entire life. There is nothing like a good room refresh!! “New room, new me” ???? 

Our living room refresh

Here are the refresh tweaks I made

1 // Removed the dining room rug

The rug was damaged, and now that it’s gone, I am realizing it was one of the reasons I always felt our main room was cluttered. 

I went to Pinterest and searched for “dining rooms” to see if going rug-less was allowed. Ha! It seemed about half of dining rooms had pretty rugs and half did not. Since our dining room is part of our living room, I always felt like the rugs competed with one another. Now it feels more open to me! 

Toscana table by Pottery Barn

The sofa rug is Pottery Barn Jute + Wool and the dining room rug was seagrass. 

Over the years, the seagrass rug started to totally wear out. The biggest blemish was due to the dining chair feet ripping it up. There was also playdoh and baby food stuck in every crevice on the high chair end. 

Look closely in this photo to see the big rip:



Pottery barn jute wool rug

It just feels a little lighter in there! Our table is the Toscana Extending Table from Pottery Barn. I love it because it hides marker marks from little kids drawings!

toscana table from Pottery Barn with Restoration Hardware Remy side chairs

OH – and to protect the floor I added these little silicone feet to the bottom of the chairs. They fit well and are perfect for avoiding more scraping. These chairs are the Remy chair from Restoration Hardware (I’m not sure they are still available) but I am not totally happy with them six years later because they are dinged in several spots and the rubber feet came off seriously damaging our rug, the floor, and the NEW PORCH FLOOR – ugh! These feet are the perfect solution.

New dining chairs are something I can’t bare to replace because these work just fine and we have six of them. But I would like a different style at some point in my life.  

silcone feet on the bottom of a chair

2 // Rearranged the high chair area

We hope to be done with the high chair soon (Birch can sit in a booster but a high chair tray is still easier to clean and not worry about falling out of). We never had a good spot for it. You can see in the before pic it just sort of crowded next to the table. 

I moved the computer station, plant, and Alexa on the marble table to the other side of the room. Now the high chair has lots of space! (Note the new plant corner too!)

OXO tot high chair with plants in kitchen

See the marble table in this pic? While it’s a family heirloom of mine, I’m not married to this location or the style of the base of the table, so I’m not sure if it will stay here or be moved again. 

Toscana table by Pottery Barn

3 // Turned the sofa rug 180 degrees

Our rug, the Pottery Barn Chunky Wool/Jute Rug, was looking pretty worn in the front where the kids play all day and Gus spends 99% of his time. We love this rug – it’s super comfortable and hides dirt and stains SO well, but six years in it wasn’t looking brand new any more. 

A quick 180 turn and we tucked the worn side under the couch and brought out a brand new side! (Also you wouldn’t believe all the dog hair and baby toys under there!) 

Pottery Barn jute and wool rug with feet in socks

You can see the side that was previously under the couch is looking very sharp in contrast to the middle right next to the couch. We’ll give this side 4 more years and probably will replace the rug after that – whenever it really starts to break down. 10 years is a good life for a main living rug with two kids and a dog don’t you think?

Also: we have debating bringing the coffee table back up from the basement many times, but every time we think we’re ready we just think about how the kids will have zero floor space to play and we convince ourselves we just don’t need a coffee table at this stage of life.

Pottery Barn jute rug

4 // Kept the blue lamp!

Previously we had a floor lamp next to this buffet. I moved this pretty lamp from Wayfair up and love the lighter wood look for the living room refresh! The lamp has previously always been in our office. The vintage crock helps fill in that corner. 

sideboard buffet with glass front

(Everyone always asks, and this buffet was Karen’s and I don’t know where she got it.)

Living room rug and sofa

And one last refresh – my KERF linen towel on the stove!

whirlpool stove with linen cloth

How are you guys refreshing your home these days?

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