Lovely Meals Lately + Thoughts on Balance

Cheers to Wednesday, pals!

I hope you leave as inspired to bake cookies as you are to try a new vegetable. Life is a beautiful mess of both, sometimes more of one than the other.

I make cookies with butter and white flour. I order pizza with all the cheese. And I’m not doing my job right if I don’t showcase on here the healthy balance that is life.

When I was struggling the most with orthorexia, the only time I stepped outside of my little health bubble was at restaurants. Like those four walls had some kind of power over me to widen my food boundaries.

I knew I had reached new heights in my journey toward food freedom when I gave myself permission to enjoy all foods in the comfort of my own home. Releasing that control was euphoric.

There are days I have bites of Jeff’s turkey sandwich and get curious about incorporating some meat again. Then there are weeks where I eat mostly vegan for no specific reason. And I feel safe saying these things online without a subsequent list of justifications. Without making it a THING.

I am a human evolving. A human being.

Not seeking an identity from what you do or don’t eat is wildly freeing.

To all the women who have emailed me saying these posts have helped you see food through a new lens or aid in the recovery of your eating disorder, thank you tremendously. You’re my why. Stay curious. Don’t fear change.

Try listening to your knowing rather than shying away from it. If your body could talk, what would it say?

Lavva vanilla yogurt with a crumbled lemon poppyseed muffin (Alchemy Meal Prep item) with orange segments from our CSA and these fabulous buckwheat crunchies. This was SO tasty.

Jet’s pizza is officially my favorite pizza in Columbus. The Detroit style deep dish is a must.

Overnight steel cut oatmeal with sea salt, strawberries, raspberries, almond butter, and toasted hemp seeds for crunch. Really into this combo for breakfast these days.

chewy chocolate chip cookies are out of this world good. We froze half of the dough and it was really nice having it ready to go when we were craving cookies to just pop in the oven!

Instant pot dried pinto bean soup with a bunch of veggies, spices, cilantro, and yogurt stirred in at the end. I topped it with tortilla chips and avocado for extra yum.

After this soup I heated up a baked sweet potato and topped it with kimchi, tahini, micro greens, and this fabulous green sauce I made with arugula, almonds, olive oil, apple cider vinegar, water, cardamom, salt, garlic, and pepper all blended up. So random but hella flavorful!

Some eggs and
pancakes with peanut butter and maple syrup! I wanted super normal, non-healthyish pancakes and these were awesome. I had another pancake after these two!

On the same trend of wanting “normal” muffins, I made this
blueberry muffin recipe and they were
amazing. We made a half batch using
local white spelt flour from our CSA. Don’t skip sprinkling some sugar on top for that crunchy exterior.

My favorite tuna salad piled high on toast with micro arugula from our CSA and tortilla chips.

Almond flour chocolate banana bread. I confirmed that flax works as an egg sub per the recipe!

One night I was craving buttery noodles, so I made some
shells with ghee and salt and some herbed goat cheese for a snack and it was

1. Favorite wine: Apothic Inferno (aged in whisky barrels, spicy and robust)

2. Favorite quote: “Blessed are those brave enough to make things awkward, for they wake us up and move us forward.”–Glennon Doyle

3. Favorite slippers: These fuzzy open-toe ones! I have these normal ones, too but I love this style for warmer weather.

4. Favorite song: I’m loving “Think of Me” by Olivia Lunny. It’s a wondrous workout jam.

5. Favorite article of clothing: I’ve been obsessed with these nursing bras for months now ever since one of my best friends told me about them. I know that sounds silly since I’m not pregnant nor nursing (yet ;), BUT these are literally the most comfortable thing I’ve ever worn. I couldn’t tell you the last time I wore a real bra or even a sports bra during the day, and I started wearing these long before the virus.

What’s one thing you’re loving right now?