Lovely Meals Lately: Week of 08-16-2021

Friends! I’m grateful for your patience as my presence here hasn’t been as consistent as it was in years past (10 years, to be exact). I’m trying to find a harmony between this blog, social media, Alchemy, personal life and baby. We’re getting there!

Let’s get down to the good stuff…fooooood.

But before we do, I would LOVE for you to leave a comment telling me one thing you love to cook lately. I feel like I’m sick of everything these days, and I’d love to hear from you!

This lentil salad was a perfect was to use up tomatoes and cukes from our CSA. I added some oregano and garlic and it was superb paired with soft pita pockets plus plenty of hummus.

Banana zucchini baked oatmeal with chocolate chips. I used summer squash and whipped up a new recipe that I can’t wait to share with ya.

Aab India aloo choley with rice, naan, and chutney for Friday takeout.

Farmer’s Bowl from Alchemy Kitchen with the best dang latkes, beet pico, herbed goat cheese, fried eggs, avocado and micro greens. One of my favorite brunches!

Overnight steel cut oatmeal (we make it every week and warm it up in the morning). topped with blackberries and tahini. Get in my belly!

My peanut butter zucchini brownies are so tasty I nearly forgot. Paired with Breyer’s natural vanilla, obviously.

Have you tried any of the new flavors from Jeni’s summer lineup? The Rocket Pop is the most delectable blend of blueberry sherbet and pineapple ice cream. Woah daddy! The Take 5 flavor was also everything I didn’t know I needed. Swirls of peanut butter, salty chocolate covered pretzel pieces…need I go on?

Noodle bowl! I shared this recipe on my IG stories last week but it was spaghetti with a coconut lime sauce (coconut milk, soy sauce, lime juice soy sauce), coleslaw mix, edamame, and peanuts. I need to recreate this for you!

Fluffy pancakes with fresh peaches, maple syrup, and scrambled eggs. Who wants an oatmeal pancake recipe?!

Fresh “black mountain” bread from local genius baker Dan the Baker topped with avo, lime juice (I keep half a lime in the fridge and squeeze a spritz onto toast) and za’atar + one with avo, blackberry, peach, and tahini.

Tahini, juicy fruit, and avocado is seriously the best toast combo known to woman.

Fun fact: I accidentally threw my phone in the washing machine. It miraculously still worked but the camera was watery. So excuse the blurry pic before I got a new phone!

This was insane homemade sourdough spaghetti (it was thick and amazing) from the Bexley Natural Market with bean balls and marinara. This one’s always on rotation but it was fun to change up the noodle situation.

Things I’m Loving Lately:

  1. Yes, I just spent $18 on bean snacks. I had one of these snack packs at an event and was SHOCKED at how delish they were. Loved the texture, and love that they’re a great source of plant protein and fiber!
  2. For All Mankind: Current show we’re loving. The beginning of women in space and so much more…
  3. This planty onesie for Max.
  4. Joe Rogan Experience podcast: My Alchemy partner is always sending me inspiring podcasts. I’m trying to put as much energy and intention into the health of my mind as I do my physical fitness. My brain workout the other day was this episode, which is long but has so many nuggets of gold throughout. I listen to it at 1.3 speed!
  5. Miracles Happen” by Myra–who remembers this song from youth?!

Chat soon, dearies!