Lovely Meals Lately

Aaaaand we’re back with another week of stupendous eats! I’ve been preferring this format over one day of eats for several reasons.

The first and biggest reason is that I’m always concerned readers are comparing what they’re eating to what I’m eating. The other factor is that I typically showcase what weekdays look like for me but we eat out for most meals over the weekend.

I want to highlight the wide variety of healthful AND fun foods we eat versus just a weekday where we’ve just prepped a bunch of food.

This doesn’t mean I’ll never go back to What I Ate Wednesday, but for now, it feels right!

In other news…Alchemy Meal Prep launches in ONE WEEK!! Be sure to subscribe if you live in Columbus so you can get the launch discount.

My gal pals and I took a bread making class and it was a blast! I’ve been enjoying homemade toast all week long. Now I’m determined to bake more bread at home.

Instant Pot Curry is a forever favorite. Incredibly easy, too, since we always keep frozen cauliflower and squash on hand.

We picked up Adriatico’s pizza (total throwback from my Ohio State days) on Friday night and it was sooooo satisfying.

Taking all the shots I can get to avoid getting sick. Jeff was pretty sick the past couple days so I’ve been taking 6 drops of
oil of oregano in water for the past couple days and I really think it helped protect me!

Loving this creamy coffee-flavored yogurt!

The best Vegan Lasagna with garlic bread and salad on the side.

Make these chocolate peanut butter bars immediately. They taste like Reese’s but BETTER! I had to do like 1 1/2 times the first layer for it to fit in my loaf pan.

My friend and I shared the barramundi fish sandwich, sweet potato fries, and village salad with tofu at Northstar and it did not disappoint.

Who’s excited to see my Cherry Orange Pistachio Bread on Alchemy Meal Prep?! And yes, my lasagna will be a meal on there as well!

Scrambled eggs and homemade toast with avocado, micro greens, peanut butter, and strawberries.

I’ve been loving my Cream of Mushroom and Wild Rice Soup for lunches. Sooo satisfying!

In other news, this recover cream has been majorly helping with the lower back pain I get from time to time.

Keep your eyes peeled for an epic Valentine’s CBD giveaway happening on Instagram tomorrow night! Check out this post for more CBD info and don’t forget to use code ALEXIS for 10% off.

In other OTHER news, we decided to cancel our Thailand and Vietnam honeymoon due to what’s going on with coronavirus and not knowing how it will change when we go in April. We’re super bummed because we had it all planned out but fingers crossed that we can go next year!

We’re leaning toward doing a trip to South America instead (Cartagena in Columbia, Mendoza in Argentina…possibly Chile or Galapagos) so if anyone has been there, send me your recommendations!