Married: Two Years Later

All photos by the talented Cramer Photo!

It’s so hard for me to believe our wedding was two years ago today. Rather than “it feels like it was yesterday” I’m saying “wasn’t that 5 years ago?” So much has happened in two years – mostly because Mr. Birchie’s arrival was such a big occasion. I loved looking through the 2,000 photos we have from our wedding day. In previous years (see the wedding recaps here!) I shared the highlights. The very best of my very favorite of the 2,000 photos. I think these are all unseen to you guys. They are the photos that are beautiful but have a little more “real” to them. Gosh, what I would give to re-live this beautiful day!

Thomas and Kath,

Now that you have shared with each other

these words of love and commitment,

and we have witnessed the expression of your love

as you have given each other these rings,

and you have joined your hands and hearts

before your family and friends,

it is with great joy that I pronounce you husband and wife.

Getting Ready