Master of Nothing

Every TV in our house was tuned in to the Masters all weekend! Birch actually walked from the porch to the living room and pointed at the TV and said “It’s the same!!” :mrgreen: 

It’s funny how I hadn’t seen a lick of golf 5 years ago when I met Thomas. Now I can name most of the major players! I enjoy watching it now. 

Friday Dinner

We had a Blue Apron box come that provided delicious meals throughout the weekend. This fontina panko chicken was 100% amazing.

I am not so much of a chicken eater, and I’d choose seafood over chicken any day, but let me tell you – the Blue Apron chicken recipes are some of the best I’ve had in my life. Choose anything with a panko topping! Served with extra crispy potatoes and salad. 

Saturday Goals: Workout + Organize

On the weekends I usually have two main goals: a leisurely workout and some “house work” of the organizing genre. 

That Justin Bieber ride was the bomb! (Am I allowed to say that and like Bieber??!)

Breakfast: Chia Bowl

Afterwards I dug into this Daily Harvest Chia Bowl! I love that they have expanded from whole food smoothies to oat and chia bowls (lots of savory stuff too – like their new Forager bowls).

*As a Daily Harvest partner, you can get $25 off your order through my link

The chia bowl had Chia – Apple – Fig – Coconut – Cauliflower – Vanilla Bean.

Cauliflower, which I never would have added myself, but tasted like extra apples in there!

Morning Stroll

Things were quiet around the house because Mazen spent the weekend at Matt’s. Birch and I walked downtown for a bit. (Note the half eaten banana!) 

Sarah dropped off her kids table, which her kids have outgrown! I love the mint chairs so much. So does B!

Beautycounter LEAD Conference

I spent the majority of Birch’s nap tuning into the annual LEAD Conference. Throughout the two days we were joined by leaders from Allbirds and Daily Harvest, among others, and Glennon Doyle was our keynote speaker.

Glennon reminded us that no one is crushing it, and that you should filter other people’s opinions like you filter your junk mail in Gmail (I TOTALLY related that – hahahaha!)

Summary of the day: “Boldness is not a moment in time. It is a mindset. Our future is what we make of it, and that future, any future, favors the bold.” – Gregg Renfrew

Chopt Salad courtesy of BC for lunch!

Afternoon Organizing Sesh

I spring cleaned my closet and it felt so good! I even went through and sorted all of my jewelry!

Donation Basket

I tackled some other areas of the house too like Mazen’s drawers and Birch’s closet while I listened to the LEAD speakers. 

Masters Watching

As previously mentioned, we settled into the afternoon for some Masters watching and happy hour. 

Love my new Swig wine glass from BHI my mom bought for me! Thanks mom!

Steaks + Mole Sauce

Dinner was Blue Apron recipe #2: NY Strip Steaks & Mole Sauce with Chayote-Orange Salad & Rice. The sauce was so chocolatey it felt like dessert! I’m also obsessed with NY Strip steaks recently. 

Sports Sunday

Soccer, golf, soccer, golf. That’s how it went!

I had 2 games, and Thomas opted for both playing and watching golf. 

We had leftover Blue Apron for dinner and called it a weekend.

Our forecast looks brilliant – spring is here to stay! (Knock on wood….)