Me & The Boys

^^ Pizza night is always a hit for all of the boys! Birch even had some little pieces broken off of a slice. He can’t wait to get some molars so he can chew like the rest of us! (Want to know how we make our pizzas? See this post.)

1.5 teeth and counting!

Spin Art

Big boy and I did spin art after school. This was a set he got from Grammie. Darth Vader approved!


We have had some issues with Mazen getting mad mid-bath (probably related to being tired and/or hungry) and I got majorly drenched in the face/head/hair this week. He made up for it with a nice hand-delivered apology note.

Back To School Night

On Tuesday night we went to school with Mazen to see what he’s been working on. I love getting a glimpse into his days! (He was sweaty from coming straight from soccer practice!)

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KERF Meals

Beans n rice, kale salad with dill ranch (via Plenty!), sweet potato fries

Plenty farro + sweet potato salad

Kale caesar with a homemade quesadilla (quick dinner post school night)

Black beans and black berries!

Back Got Back

Little B was a little clingy this week and wanted to be held a lot. Back carry FTW! How chill does he look back there!

Biggest Boy

All work…

All play…

Have a great weekend!

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