Meal Prep by Blue Apron

The Meal Prep by Blue Apron box comes with ingredients, recipes, and detailed prep day instructions so you can be as efficient as possible making a week’s worth of meals at once. Here is the process from unboxing to finishing touches! This post is sponsored by Blue Apron. 

Blue Apron meal prep box instructions card

Meal Prep by Blue Apron

I’ve been a Blue Apron partner for years, and I didn’t know until recently that they had a Meal Prep box!

The Meal Prep box is different from the weekly 2, 3, or 4 recipe boxes. This box is designed for the recipes to be batch cooked all in one day and then meals are portioned for the week so that you cook once and enjoy all week! This structure is great for those who want to minimize time in the kitchen on the weekdays or prefer to wash their cutting board once instead of 25 times (that’s me!). 

What Else Is New at Blue Apron:
  • Add-ons – a brand new addition, you can now add on appetizers, sides, and desserts!
  • Butcher Bundles –  Each bundle of high-quality meat or seafood comes with 12 servings, original spice blends, and prep tips. Add them to Blue Apron recipes or use them to get creative in the kitchen.
  • Craft Burgers with USDA Prime ground beef and specialty toppings. You can find a new one on the menu each week!
  • New summer grilling recipes in the rotation of the 35 recipe options each week.
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The current Blue Apron offer good for 2 more days is 10 free meals and free shipping. You can make any of these weekly shipments a Meal Prep by Blue Apron, and you can skip weeks at any time so that you only get a box biweekly or once a month. 

The Meal Prep Box Recipes

The Meal Prep boxes come with 2 meats and a variety of ingredients that you mix and match to create different meals. The BEST PART were the sauces – each one had a totally different flavor to really distinguish between the recipes!

Here’s what came in my Meal Prep box:

Here were the recipes we made: 

  1. Spanish-Style Pork Chorizo Meatballs
  2. Pork Chorizo Meatball Pitas
  3. Mexican-Spiced Chicken & Rice
  4. Oregano Chicken Pitas

The Prep Day Recipe Cards

The recipe cards were so detailed and easy to follow. They really are the secret sauce to the whole box (haha!).

I absolutely love mindlessly following someone else’s directions and not having to worry that I was off on timing or wouldn’t have enough of one ingredient to stretch across the meals I had planned. 

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My Prep Day

I set aside some time on a Sunday morning to do all of my cooking and sauce mixing. The recipe cards estimated this would take me about 90 minutes, and admittedly it took me a little longer than that. But I did clean as I went, and we actually prepared servings for FOUR instead of two, so that meant a little extra chopping and cooking on my end. It took me closer to 2 hours to finish and have everything stored away. 

Spiced Chicken

Herb Chicken and Meatballs

The Chorizo Meatballs were SO good!

Kitchen Mid Prep Day!

Beautiful Peppers

Halfway Finished!

Almost Ready…

The best part: the sauces

  1. Lemon Labneh
  2. Creamy Tomatillo Sauce
  3. Saffron Mayo
  4. Harissa Tzatziki



We decided to store the dishes in bulk rather than perfectly portion out meals mostly because of the inventory of bowls and containers I had on hand. This worked well with our family because the kids ate slightly different variations of each dish than we did. We could portion out some plain rice and chopped chicken for the children and then assemble our meal as directed. 

Because of this, our meals weren’t exactly the same as the ones designed. I added some extra veggies to some (because why not?!) and we doubled up on our favorite sauces.

chicken with rice and veggies recipe

A Kid Plate

My Review

Between 4 solid dinners for grown-ups, portions for kids, and several lunches, we really made this food stretch! We even had leftover sauces at the end of the week. 

While I loved that we didn’t have to think about dinner all week long, it was a lot of work up front! I don’t think this is something we would do every week, but I’d love to add it in sometimes, especially if we have a week that we know will be busy in the afternoons, such as a late summer camp pickup. 

The meals were awesome in flavor, included plenty of veggies, were super easy to mix and match, and were really enhanced by the delicious sauces. I also loved how easily we could customize them for the youngest members of our family. 

If you’d like to give Meal Prep by Blue Apron a try, you can check out the options here. There are different proteins and recipes that cycle through each week!

And get 10 free meals and free shipping here