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I’ve gotten a lot of questions about the Beautycounter makeup, so here is the post I promised. While the Beautycounter skincare has been a refreshing change, the makeup has been FUN! I am so not a makeup diva, and that is exactly why you should read this post. Because anybody can wear these shades and look natural and put together in five minutes without needing uber contouring skills or feeling like you’re going to leave glop behind when you hug and kiss your kids.

Here’s My Everyday Makeup

  • Dew Skin Tinted Moisturizer in shade #2. I put this on everyday when I get out of bed. It’s a little moisture, a little coverage, and a little SPF all in one.
  • Concealer pen in Light. I love the clickable pen style, and the color and coverage is a good match for me.
  • Satin Blush in Melon. Makes me look alive! Melon is the perfectly pink shade, but I have heard Nectar is awesome as well. I want to try that next!
  • Necessary Nudes Eyeshadow Palette – I am obsessed with this palette and find that all of the shades look good. I wear a different one each day! It’s laid out so that the top row are all the base colors, the middle row is for your crease, and the bottom row is for dramatic accents. I generally wear a top row shade (my favorites are the Blush and Slipper, which comes in a mini duo) everyday and use the middle and bottom rows when I’m going out.
  • Lengthening Mascara – I love how delicate the wand is – it will not clump! It feels very light on my lashes, which is exactly what I want for everyday, while giving them a nice pop of color and length. I add the Volumizing on top for nights!
  • Eyeliner – Still using up an old one before I switch.
  • Sheer Lipstick – I am obsessed with the Rose color! These go on like chapstick and have a hint of vanilla essence. I am not a lipstick person because I find I just smudge it all over things (like my kids cheeks!) so this is the perfect sheer look + feel.

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And Here’s What I add on when I’m going all out

  • Tint Skin Foundation – I have it in Linen for normal and Sand for the end of summer. I have used CC creams for years because I really don’t like a heavy foundation, but this one is not heavy at all!! It does provide a bit more coverage than the Dew Skin, and it goes on very smoothly. I never worry about looking cakey.
  • Volumizing Mascara – I bought both kinds so I could give my take on them. I prefer the Lengthening for everyday, but I like the Volumizing for extra oomph and layer it on top of the Lengthening. The Volumizing brush is thicker – more like a caterpillar – compared to the more comb-like style of the Lengthening.
  • Necessary Nudes Eyeshadow – I blend in darker shades from the middle and bottom rows mentioned above.
  • Brow Gel in Light- It has taken me a while to get into brows. But if all the pros say they are important, then they must be! I tried a pencil, which I like, but the Gel is where it’s at. It’s like a little mascara wand for your brows, and I DO think I look more ‘put together’ when I wear it.
  • Color Intense Lipstick + Gloss – My favorite shade of the Color Intense is Backstage! I also have Garden Party (hot pink!) for party nights, Brunch (neutral pink) for day time events, and 9 To 5 (the boldest) for formal events. I like these all with gloss on top!
  • Mattefying Powder – This is something I normally would have thought was kind of pointless, but I actually like it so much! I saw a few other people using it and decided to order it with some product credits I earned, and I’m so glad I did! It’s great for summertime and has so many uses: drying a sweaty face, absorbing oil, setting makeup. I use it at the beginning and end of my makeup to prime + set.
  • Bronzer in Dune. (I use this sometimes instead of blush.) I recently got this and wow does it really bring out a tan glow! Just a little tiny bit goes a very long way. Perfect for summer!

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Bundle and Save: Flawless in Five

If you’re looking to overhaul your makeup, the Flawless in Five set comes with many of the above, and you save 20% off by buying it as a set. You get to pick all of your shades and choose between Dew/Tint Foundation, Lengthening/Volumizing mascara, and Brow Pencil/Gel.

If you’d like any help sorting through the products, feel free to drop your email in this little quiz and I will personally email you back!

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