Natural Laundry Soap + Makeup Brush Cleaner

HELLO! Happy Wednesday. Christmas is coming fast. I wish I could do all my shopping before Thanksgiving, but the truth is we do a lot of secret santas in our families so I don’t know who I’m gifting to until December! And I never know what the boys are into until the current month. So this is my prime shopping week. I did buy a number of Beautycounter holiday sets that I am gifting to a lot of the women in my support system. I just have to figure out who is getting which one! Note you have until December 16 to purchase from Beautycounter for shipping to arrive before Christmas. Check out the holiday gift sets if you’re still looking for self care + pampering themed gifts.

Matching PJs

One thing I did buy early – matching PJs for the boys! Their cousins have the same ones, so we’ll have to try to get a cute pic. I didn’t get the grown up ones but if they go on sale again I just might. At least we can wear them for years to come.

Hello Bello Bath Bombs

We’ve been using Hello Bello diapers for a few months now and LOVE them. The new holiday patterns are great. I also love that they offer a lot of add on items like shampoo, bubble bath, gummy vitamins and these fizzy bath bombs, which were SO lovely! They smelled fantastic, and the week or two they were sitting on the bathroom shelf it was a very nice air freshener for the bathroom. Mazen loves anything fun for the bath, so I can’t wait to buy these again.

Mezeh on Capital Hill

I hit up Mezeh for lunch last week – it had been too long!! The eggplant! The spicy feta! The yogurt dip!

I enjoyed it while watching Beautycounter CEO Gregg Renfrew testify to Congress as an expert witness in cosmetic reform. Just a few weeks ago I was dancing next to her at Western night, and here she is paving the future for the entire cosmetics industry. You should be able to watch the recording of the live stream here. Gregg’s speech is at the 2:30 minute mark.

New Laundry Soap

On the topic of going greener, I have admitted to you guys that I LOVE the smell of clean laundry. Not the absence of stink but the fresh clean fragrancefilled TIDE smell. It’s one of the few green things that I have had a really hard time giving up. (Remember when I tried soap nuts for a while? I just couldn’t use those long term.) On my trip to Ojai, a few other consultants were talking about Molly’s Suds. I ordered some on Amazon to try it out and really like it! I like that the Ocean Mist scent I bought has a bit more of a traditional laundry smell and isn’t totally unscented. (They also make peppermint and lavender). I have the sports one too, which is a bit citrusy. Look for it at Target too.

The Best Makeup Brush Cleaning Soap

Might surprise you (or not) but Dr. Bronners got my foundation brush SO WHITE!!!! I had tried a few other brush cleaners that would take it from orange to tan, but Dr. Bronners x 6 cycles in the shower got this brush as good as new. I have two of these retractable foundation brushes, one for home and one for my travel makeup. It’s a game changer for a flawless finish.

I eat cheese boards for dinner

And finally, flash back to happy hour when I had a cheese board and wine for dinner. Sometimes that’s as “healthy” as it gets! Merry merry.

What holiday plans do you have for this coming weekend?

Anyone seen Santa yet?