New Boss in Town

“My Whole Soul Is In This”

-Joe Biden

I watched the inauguration yesterday and felt tremendous feelings of relief, hope, and optimism. Not only did I feel President Biden’s speech came from his good heart, but I loved how directly he spoke about the challenges our country is facing. There was no beating around the bush. 

And Vice President Harris! What a momentous moment for women, and woman of color particularly. I welled up with emotion when she was sworn in. 

I thought the highlight of the speakers was Amanda Gorman, whose poem was incredibly powerful, on point, and beautifully spoken. 

I hope that no matter what your core political beliefs are, we can agree that this country got the refresh it needed yesterday. 

My House Has A New Boss Too

Mazen and Birch have been playing “businessman” these past few days. 

Mazen is the boss (of course) and Birch aka Mr. Blippi is his associate. I’m not sure if Birch knows what’s going on, but he does what Mazen says, which usually involves coloring. 

Note the bowtie and “suit” :mrgreen: 

(Also not sure what industry they are in with the skull and crossbones drawing… eek!) 

Here are they are in the back office. They scheduled me for an appointment. I think they sometimes run a psychologist practice and sometimes a business consulting firm. They have a deep talent stack!

They also work long hours – I hope they are making good money for all the work they’re putting in!

Food + More

Here are some of my meals lately!


Simple yogurt bowl with plain yogurt, bananas, almond butter, and crunchy granola. #BetterBeauty coffee. 

B likes the “special yogurt” too when it comes in a “special” cup. 

Splendid Spoon

Splendid Spoon meals FTW! We had a busy-ish week and the arrival of this stock up box was perfect timing. I had two of the smoothies for my breakfast and a noodle bowl for lunch. I’m really into their noodles!  

Leftover pizza + salad

Mellow Mushroom Cosmic Karma (leftover from Grammie + Pea’s visit) and a simple spinach salad with TJ’s truffle almonds!


Blue Apron Cilantro Chicken

Blue Apron Cilantro Chicken with roasted veggies. I’m a sauce girl through and through, and this was one saucy dinner! 

Black Bean Enchiladas

These were Blue Apron black bean enchiladas with rice and kale. A big dollop of sour cream and lots of sriracha on the side! We had this meal two nights this week.

Crab Cakes with Coconut Rice and Beans

And a simple meal of fun finds from Whole Foods. The crab cakes were frozen, and I bought them to keep in the freezer for easy nights. We thought they were pretty good!

And the coconut rice was from a shelf stable pouch. It turned out a little dry, but that might have been our fault. Will try once more time because I love coconut and it was so easy.

Mozzarella stick a bonus from the kid dinner : )

The Lion

Remember when I mentioned we have a lion who lives in our neighborhood? 

HERE HE IS! Sweet Birch is now scared of him because one time he was up against his fence and caught B by surprise. 


Thinking ahead to spring…consider this your before picture! Now that the big couch is on the screened-in porch, we need a better happy hour situation down in the open air. To be continued…