New Finds!

The Affair >> Outlander

Thomas and I watched all 5 seasons of The Affair. (It’s on Showtime so we ended up doing a free trial of SHO and also buying the last two seasons for $11 each.) We actually watched seasons 1-3 a while back and then picked up 4 and 5 when a friend said the show got better as the seasons went on. We ended up loving the last two seasons. I miss watching it! The ending was such a good wrap up of the series, including the epic song theme.

Now we are watching Outlander on Netflix! We are loving it so much. Usually when we watch a show one of us is “into” it more than the other (Thomas loves Ozark more and I liked the Affair more) but I would say we are equally enjoying Outlander. We’re only in season 1, but it’s been good from the second episode. 

Birch Went On A Shopping Spree

In the Montessori spirit, we brought out our toddler stool so he could start washing his own hands at home (previously we held him at the kitchen sink to wash hands). I bought this little spout on Amazon that extends the water so he can reach. It’s not ideal that this is our main floor bath for guests to use too, but since we aren’t having that many guests right now, I guess it’s fine! 

He also his a new sonic electric toothbrush! My friend Caroline recommended this one for toddlers that lights up, and it’s the perfect little size for him. 

We also got him these training cups as a step towards a regular cup. And these water bottles are AMAZING. They’re just like a Hydroflask or Yeti brand with a metal interior and perfect kid size, but half the price. 

And last on the Birch wish list – a new raincoat!!

My latest book >>

Because we’ve been on a show kick, I haven’t been reading as much, but I’ve been working my way through Elin Hilderbrand’s Summer of ’69 and loving it. There are so many themes from 1969 that are ironically very relevant today in regards to race, police, politics, and gender. And there is a wide diversity of characters, so the story is never boring. I love all of Hilderbrand’s books, and while this one is quite different, I’ve enjoyed reading it.

Travel baby monitor >>

I had two expensive Motorola video monitors spanning Mazen to Birch. We decided to go with the Amazon Cloud Cam as our “main” monitor at home because we could view it on our phones and it records clips so we can see when he woke up, etc. But when we traveled, we still used the old Motorola I bought years ago for something like $250. Well the parent unit on that just died, so I started to look for a replacement travel monitor.

I wanted something super inexpensive (because it would just be for travel) and settled on this one for about $50. I set it up at home to test it out and it’s GREAT. So great we’ve actually been using both monitors – one for days and one for nights. I don’t think every parent needs to monitors for home use, but since we have them, it’s been nice to use them in tandem for different reasons. I can’t believe I spent so much on the Motorola monitors in the past (but then again, technology has changed a lot in 8 years.) 

Fall Face Oils >>

As the summer humidity wanes, my skin starts to feel more dry. I add a face oil in the fall and use it through the spring as the final step of my nighttime skincare routine. Putting in on last locks in all the nourishing steps before and adds a protective layer of hydration to moisturize while I sleep. I am head over heels for Beautycounter’s Brightening Oil for its yummy citrus scent and the addition of vitamin C. They also have a Plumping Oil for minimizing lines on mature skin and a Balancing Oil that is great for areas of irritation and redness, like if you’re wearing a mask all day. 

The coolest kids book of all time >>

And one I love to read myself! This Melissa and Doug book caught my eye in Whole Foods a while back and I had to get it for Birch. As you count the animals you pop in the clear buttons and they make a great sound. They have lots of different “poke-a-dot” books to choose from!

One Voice Children’s Choir >>

I am obsessed with this choir! I heard their take on Maroon 5’s Memories when my dad shared it on Facebook and I spent the week listening to so many of their songs. Memories is my fav, but Pink’s What About Us is a close second! Also their take on See You Again in the context of the pandemic will bring tears to your eyes!

Zinfandel >>

I loved everything about this Scout & Cellar wine! I think it was even better the second day, so let it breathe a bit before sipping!