New Workspaces + The Beautycounter Holiday Collection

Rolling into the weekend like….


Mazen didn’t have school on Monday, so we got to have a slower start to our morning. Mazey and I had chocolate smoothies, and Birch had toast and fruit. He has given up on eggs!! The same thing happened to Mazen – I made them so much he turned against them!

I didn’t cancel my babysitter that morning and went to the new GRIT coffee at Pantops to work for a little bit. It sure was nice to escape for a bit and come home for lunch! I’m working on a small homepage re-design for KERF and had a phone meeting to get the ball rolling!

Lunch back at home was a pork salad bowl made from leftovers we had for dinner the night before.

And for dinner – leftover linguini with clams, which was even better the next day when all the sauce had absorbed!


Birch and I walked Mazen to school! It was nice to get out and moving first thing. Mazen’s wearing Birch’s teething necklace ????

Office #2

On Tuesday I went to Thomas’s office to work! It’s crazy to me that he spends so much time in this space and I only go there once or twice a year. I might have to start going over there more – the fig is so nice and the wifi is free!

Delicious Bodos bagel delivery!

Salmon Salad

Another day I had an arugula salad with berries and goat cheese and poppyseed dressing (from Plenty!) plus a packet of salmon on top for protein.

When in doubt, go outside!

Anytime Birch is a little grumpy, fresh air on the front porch always brightens his mood! After a week in the high 90s, we’re thrilled for some fall temps this weekend!

We’ve been playing hard between naps : )

Silly boy just learned how to climb up the stairs so it’s time to break out the gates! Look how proud he is.

What else is going up? The roof!

I’m going to do a progress post on the porch situation soon!

The most exciting delivery!

I had SO much fun unboxing my Beautycounter holiday collection! It will be live on the website next week. These beautiful gift boxes and sets make great gifts for you and for all your people!

I’m especially excited about the Counter+ Favorites set with a Lotus Glow Cleansing Stick and the Jellies lip glosses are AMAZING! More details later : ) (You can subscribe to my Beautycounter newsletter to be the first to hear the details.)

Have a great weekend!