No Particular Place To Go

^^ Highlight of the weekend

Just another weekend at home!

It was a bit quiet at our house (OK a LOT quiet) because Mazen spent the weekend with Matt and Katie.

Thomas, Birch, Gus, and I just hung around, went on nature walks, to the playground, and cooked lots of food!

A New Fire Pit

Thomas surprised us with a very delayed Christmas present – a Solo Stove!

The portable, double-walled fire pit minimizes smoke so it’s a pleasant experience for conversation and warmth. There was just a little smoke when a log was above the rim, but when they were small enough to sink inside – no smoke in your face! Total quarantine purchase for future social distance happy hours! We have the Bonfire model.

They are always matching!!

Friday Dinner

Veracruz Shrimp from Blue Apron. A total spicy winner! This is one of their wellness recipes packed with bright fresh ingredients. I loved the addition of capers. I continue to have a promo for new subscriptions if you want to add some of the wellness boxes to your meal plan. Click here


I did a Peloton ride first thing. I am working on a post with some Pelo-updates!

Big biscuit brunch

Thomas made JM Stock biscuits and bacon with egg and grapefruit. A great refuel after my ride. (Birchie stole some of my grapefruit – he loves them too!)

Nature Walk

After my shower, B and I went out for a walk. We had some nice sunny weather! We looked for animals and found a bunny, turtle, and even a lion (aka a big furry dog with a mane!) B’s mane could use a trim…where did all the curls go!?

My breakfast was big and late in the morning (around 10), so I had a yogurt and some bell peppers for lunch at 1 and snacked on some popcorn later in the afternoon. Chobani sent me some of their new probiotic yogurts to try. I loved the chunks of peach!

Cook Work

After nap, Thomas took B to the playground, and I cooked and photographed a Blue Apron recipe for next week’s post. You gotta go where the light is!

Then we cooked Saturday’s dinner!

Lemongrass Curry Tilapia with Bok Choy, Carrots and Rice. 

Our pre-pandemic Family Fun dinners out to restaurants have turned into Blue Apron dinners in most weekends. It’s been nice to really rev up the home cooking, especially since with a toddler dinners in are easier than dinners out would have been anyways. 

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We had dinner ready for Saturday and Sunday by the end of the night! Cook once, eat twice is my 2021 policy. 

Date night entertainment >>

I think I wore this sweatshirt all weekend! I got it mega on sale at Lululemon a few years back. It’s part of the Scuba line and so cozy.


Bagels from Bodos

Obsessed with grapefruits this month too!

Birch slept until 8:15! What!?

Sunday to-dos

I shipped out a few giveaway prizes from my skincare class and organized my Beautycounter stash for an upcoming promo I’m doing! Get on the list here

I also did a little deep cleaning and laundry. Caught up on Southern Charm. And made a grocery list.

And in Sunday tradition, I played pick-up soccer with my father in law (no touching, mask on!) 

Thanks for hanging around with me!