Not Merry, Not Bright

I’m sharing our living room’s refreshed color palette with Hearth & Hand Pillows on our sofa!

We have some new Hearth & Hand Pillows for our sofa!

The previous collection of pillows, which have been relocated to the basement couch and a bedroom, were all from Pottery Barn. And Thomas did not care for the feathers that constantly pricked him when he leaned on them! I can’t blame him, and the feathers were annoying, but I convinced him to live with them because they were “really nice pillows.”

Then recently I gave in, when I was browsing some of the Hearth & Hand pillows from Target. 

While I do think these Target pillows have a less expensive feel, they are still very nice. And very comfortable. No feather pricking!!

Here are the Hearth & Hand pillows we bought:

I am loving the calming muted colors in the living room now. (The pillow and blanket on the chair were both wedding gifts!)And notice how my little fall pumpkin is in the same muted color scheme! Love it when that happens. 

And to think that my first living room was bright ORANGE next to a bright green dining room!

Just go ahead and call me Mrs. Grinch.

So now that we have a calm, neutral color palette, I am not in the mood to bring out all the reds and greens. I do not like decorating for the holidays!!

I used to. I don’t know what changed. If I had to pinpoint it, I think it came around when I became a mother. 

Now you might think that should make the holidays EXTRA fun, and they are in SPIRIT.

But when I comes to decorating I am all scrooge! 

I think the reason why stems from all the clutter and chaos I deal with on a daily basis 365 days a year. My boys love to tear up a room. And while the systems and storage we have in place certainly helps, that doesn’t mean I don’t do a ton of tidying day after day. 

So the last thing I want in my serene living room is a giant tree filled with colors!

Nature > Bright Colors

Over the years I have turned my holiday decor from 50 shades of red and green to more natural colors and textures.

Like this wreath I bought at Target last year. I LOVE LOVE these eucalyptus wreaths and wish I’d held out!! Maybe I’ll find one on sale : )

I did add these festive berries over the weekend – a step in the Christmas direction! The color red makes me nervous, but the natural wood adds a bit of calm back in.

I like colorful food though!

Bring on all the shades. Like this salad I ordered from Plenty with purpley beets, orange sweet potatoes, farro, greens and goat cheese (it’s similar to this salad!) and quiche on the side. 

You know who IS merry and bright?

This guy!!