Nutrition While At Home

Your goal for good nutrition at home right now: just eat.

Hey, it’s a good time to clean the fridge drawers!

Does your fridge look like this? I am sure you are like us and stocked up on as many groceries as possible before hunkering down at home. We have more carbs and snacks than we could ever eat, some frozen meat and protein, and never enough produce.

Fruitless breakfast

Of course the first thing we ran out of were fresh vegetables. Second, the fruit. So for a handful of days we were relying on frozen only. This time away from the grocery store has forced us all to get creative with freezer and pantry meals. If we had had just a bit more notice, we could have made casseroles and crock pot dump bags until the cows came home. For us Plenty delivery is a lifeline for fresh food, but it only lasts for a few days until we’re on our own again.

I want to assure those of you who are used to having meals built on fresh green salads and antioxidant-filled fruit that your nutritional status will be fine. 

While frozen fruit and vegetables might not be your first choice for taste or texture, nutritionally they retain their nutrients and may even have more than fresh because they are frozen at peak nutrition with no loss due to transport. Smoothies and soups will be the new salads for the short term. Now is a good time to try out Daily Harvest or Splendid Spoon. Both offer smoothies and frozen bowls and you can get $25 off each with my links.

A few frozen vegetable ideas:

If you’re eating more carbs than vegetables because you literally ran out of vegetables, that is fine too. When we’re going through a crisis, eating food in general is all you should worry about.

Plus there are tons of pantry staples and foods that last a while that you can rely on for good nutrition:

  • Eggs
  • Sardines / tuna / salmon
  • Root vegetables
  • Canned beans
  • Shelf stable boxed soups
  • Whole grain everything (rice, cereals, frozen bread, farro, pasta)
  • Dehydrated and dried fruits
  • And many more!

Stay calm and chew on. And be kind to yourself!