Oh, February

February: What a rollercoaster! 

First we get a 60 degree day. 

Then we get dumped with snow. 

Then another warm day.

Then 10 days of clouds.

Then more snow. 

You never know what’s coming next! 

I have my sight set on March the 20th (my mom’s birthday!) and the first day of spring. 

A Single Warm Day In The Mix

We had a really warm day last week – over 50 degrees (“really warm” HAHA!).

Mazen was in his usual tank and shorts:

Add “crop dog poop out of photo” to the list of things I can put in my job description :mrgreen: 

Find the children:

Longest. Winter. Ever. 

Then we had more snow dumped on us, which the boys enjoyed! I think you know when you get one of those warm days that snow is definitely on the way. 

Helping his brother back up the hill for a sled run <3

Snow leopards attacking me!

Quick Ski Trip

Mazen and Thomas took a day off of school/work recently for a day trip to Wintergreen. I’ll get my chance to test out my skis soon enough! 

Warm + Cozy

After coming in soggy from the snow, we warmed up with lots of cozy activities – board games, reading by the fire, puzzles, ride the brother, etc.

The Parent Trap

Mazen and I watched the classic Parent Trap movie over the weekend. (One of my all-time favorites!)

A day later, he set up a date night for Thomas and me. It was a salad restaurant called Salad Swirl, and he served us sparkling cider, Roots bowls (conveniently ordered), and ice cream for dessert! I could get used to this!

Eggs Benedict

Special weekend brunch! We had JM Stock biscuits as eggs Benedict with bacon and homemade hollandaise. A total winner! 

Other special dinners – Blue Apron peanut noodles with chicken (we enjoyed this two nights in a row).

And Blue Apron pork chops with pickles, mustard, and melted Jack plus Mexican rice! 

I took leftover chicken and noodles and stuffed them into an epic quesadilla!

I always seem to end with breakfast when I write my posts even though it starts the day! Here’s a nice bowl of oatmeal for ya! A KERF classic with bananas, Greek yogurt, granola, and nut butter swirl.

I think all of my other breakfasts last week were smoothies! The kids have them most days, and it’s easier to drink some of the family smoothie than it is to make something else from scratch.

Hope you have a warm + purposeful week!