Our Favorite Baby Care Products

You know what personal care products I love, but what about the kiddos? Here are some brands and products we love using on the boys.

Our Favorite Baby Care Products

Boogie Wipes

I LOVE Boogie Wipes for crusty noses. They work so much better than a regular baby wipe to remove the junk as quickly as possible, which is what we all want when we have a wiggling toddler. I love the fresh scent smell, but they also come in unscented.

Vitamin D

This might be more of a medicine than personal care, but since I keep our vitamin D on the changing table I lumped it into this post. I like these drops, and Birch now can say “DEEEE” when I give him some!

Beautycounter Baby Care

I use these three on Birch and love them all: Baby Wash, Diaper Cream, Baby Balm. The baby wash is unscented and very gentle. I use it from head to toe. The balm is great for cheeks and chin while his drool is making him chapped. We slather it on thick every night after bath. Luckily we haven’t had much diaper rash, so the diaper cream is only a little bit used! I wish I had known about it when we had some rash problems when Birch was a tiny newborn.

Beautycounter Kids

And for Mazen we use the kids shampoo and body wash! Big fan all around! (Smells good too.)


We also use the Beautycounter suncreens on the kids – the face stick on their faces and the lotion on their bodies.

Hello Bello: Diapers, Body Wash + Gummies

I LOVE using Hello Bello! It’s Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard’s brand, and they have really cute and awesome products. The diapers are what drew me in because they are so cute, but I also really like the bubble bath, hand sanitizer, and the kids gummies. I’m trying the laundry detergent too. A handful of the products are EWG Verified. I have a subscription for diapers and wipes, but you can find them a la cart too – check out the Squeaky Kid Kit and Diapers on Amazon. (I think Wal-mart has them too). Here’s a code for $15 off.

How cute are these patterns?!


We love the Toms of Maine Silly Strawberry toothpaste. In fact, if Mazen has mint toothpaste he acts like it’s poisoning him (even a kids kind!) So we still to fruit ???? We also use these little flosser that are great for kids. Our dentist told us to rinse and reuse them a few times to create less waste.


Shout out to these Nurse Sloth band-aids my mom found on Amazon. Nurse Sloth is English and she requests that her patients to move VERY SLOWLY while she applies her band-aids :mrgreen: We have turned these into an act when the boys need a band-aid and it makes the hurt go away a liiiiiittle faster.


I love both the Olly Kids with Probiotic and Hello Bello’s Omega-3 and Immunity gummies (for adultts too). I tend to mix and match depending on when we need to re-stock. Mazen loves them.

What are your favorite baby care products?