Our Little Tree + Other Weekend Merriment

Thomas and I have been debating if we should get a full size Christmas tree this year. I told him that the year Mazen was one and into everything I got a tabletop tree. Two days later, this cute little guy appeared in the kitchen! While it felt too early for a Christmas tree, I also reasoned that if Thanksgiving were its normal week we’d be decking the halls, so a tree without ornaments didn’t seem too premature.

Friday Report Card Dinner

When we were younger my parents took us out for a special dinner if we brought home good report cards. (We always did!) I’ve been trying to do the same for Mazen (although with a little less consistency!) So Friday night we let him choose a restaurant to celebrate his good marks. He picked Three Notch’d!

We actually almost left for a moment because we forgot Birch’s strap on high chair and they didn’t have any space at the low top tables that paired with the normal high chairs. He was wiggling out of our arms one minute in. But Thomas managed to find a booster seat that strapped on and had a lap belt, so he was secure enough. We watched him closely regardless.

I had sliders and a side beet salad, plus a malbec.

Bedtime games + coloring with Mazen. I forgot how soothing coloring is!

Saturday Workouts

Look who’s standing!! He’s taken a few steps here and there too.

I got in my favorite Saturday workout and went by Corner Juice with two friends after class. I got a tropical smoothie with granola on top.


We went to our friends’ house for a cute first birthday party for little H! Caroline did such a good job with the decorations and animal theme.

Look at the tiny animal party hats!!

I had kale salad, chicken, macaroni, and cheese for lunch!

Look familiar!?! Caroline ordered a Plenty board!

The cake was from Paradox : )

And a mimosa!

How cute is he?!

He didn’t smash! Just a bunch of little tastes.

Back at the Casa

I helped Mazen with this sculpture project he’s working on. His latest is that he wants to be an artist!

I had a VERY low key Saturday night. Thomas went out with friends, and I spent a long time getting Birch to sleep. (Which was very odd since he’s usually out in one minute). He didn’t seem sick – he just wanted to play!

Porch Update

Thomas has been working so hard to finish our porch for Thanksgiving. Not that we expect to be outside much, but just so we can go out there IF we get warm weather. As of Sunday, all of the railings are in!! Screens are the last big thing, but they are also not necessary to “move in.” I can’t wait to move the couch up soon!

I am looking forward to the holiday, but when school is out and babysitters are traveling parenting is ON LEVEL HIGH so it’s gonna be a busy week!!