Our Weekend: I’m All Ears

You might have seen on Instagram that sweet Birchie was not himself last week. After a few calls to the doctor I finally got an appointment because I knew something was wrong. My instinct was right: he had his first ear infection! Poor buddy felt awful and wasn’t sleeping well. By mid-day Saturday he was back to his smiles and eating well again.

And sleeping as well as you can when you get your feet in a tangle!!

Friday Dinner

Sweet potato, sausage and apple hash with a fried egg on top! The base was from Plenty!

Saturday workout + smoothie

Both mornings Birch woke up around 5:00 but was able to go right back to sleep after a dose of medicine. He slept until after 7 both days (which was great compared to Wed + Thurs when he was so miserable he slept ON me in my bed from 4:00 on). I slept in too and woke up at 7:30. I almost skipped my Saturday morning class, but it’s the only class worth getting up for on a Saturday, so I actually wanted to go. SO glad I did because it was a great one!

I picked up a smoothie at the gym which was a mistake because the just can’t make them like I can!

Work Date + Grocery Shopping

Thomas offered to give me a little break in the morning (partly because Birch wanted to be held all week and partly because he had plans to work on the porch all afternoon). I happily took my laptop to Whole Foods and worked on some Beautycounter things! I ended the trip with a grocery shop. Gone are the days when I put 10 things in my cart and create meals based on my cravings of the day. #kidschangeeverything

Hot bar for lunch!

Beautycounter Holiday + An Epic Nap

Birch took a GREAT afternoon nap, and I set out some of my holiday collection so a friend could come browse! (If you want to know more about everything you see, hop on my Beautycounter email list!)

Perfect little gift for teachers, coworkers, hair stylists, and friends. (Hand cream, body butter, Jellie in Sorbet, Starbucks card, chocolate)

Afternoon ‘Round The House

B had a snack.

I lounged in my athleisure ???? Mazen went to a birthday party!

Thomas put up screen track. (Check my Instagram highlights for porch progress!!)

B and I went for a nice little walk.

Snug as a bug in his Bundleme bunting.

Saturday Pasta Strikes Again

I asked Mazen what he wanted for dinner and he said “noodles” so we had the Gordon Ramsey Shrimp Scampi again! We’ve done linguini with clams and shrimp scampi each twice now. What’s your favorite winter pasta dish? (Hooked on Saturday pasta because Mazen’s on a noodle kick!)

Look at this boy! He still wears footie PJs but he can trim his own fingernails :mrgreen:

Cookie Time!

Thomas pulled the last of the ginger cookie dough from the freezer and we had hot cookies for dessert!

I may have eaten five…!

Monday Funday

Because of Sunday soccer games I’ve been taking rest days from workouts on Mondays, which makes them extra fun because I feel like I have so much time!!

But that doesn’t mean I have more than two hands – haha! Daily Harvest smoothies are my go-to when I’ve got two kid breakfasts to assemble and a lunch to make. {You can get three cups free off you first box.}