Parenting Is More Fun With Friends

Here are some tidbits of life lately!!

Wook at dat whiddle faaaaace

My Birchie boy is almost TWO!

We got to spend a lot of time together last week because he was home from school with a cold.

We all came down with the cold on Monday.

I took Birch for a covid test per his school rules (and waited in our car in the urgent care parking lot for 2 hours…I digress…) and it was negative. This acted like a cold and felt like a cold, but I was still relieved when it came back as “just” a cold. 

Living his best life in the car with an iPad. I was a desperate mama!

Luckily this wasn’t a bad cold and we all still had lots of energy. 

The boys had too much energy and were literally bouncing off the walls!

I love my children fiercely, but I need little space every day. Physical space is nice, but it’s the mental break that it so valuable to me.

It got me thinking how when Mazen was this age we had play dates and gym dates and “it takes a village” time, all the time. Parenting is so much more fun with friends, and I get lonely when it’s just me and the kids at home. Just another small reason why this pandemic sucks so much.

Last week it was just us and the 100 animals in Mazen’s room keeping us company. 

Look at sweet Birch tucking the gator in for his nap <3

Neighborhood Pumpkin Patch

I flipped around his stroller so we could talk during our walk!

And look what we found – a pumpkin patch right in our neighborhood! On your honor to pay for what you take. Love it!

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On The Food Front…

Crisp fall mornings with eggs, pumpkin bread (a locally made one) and crunchy grapes. 

Three Lunches

Kale salad and leftover mac

PB&J with apples and pea pods

Kale salad with cheese and pita chips – plus leftover chicken mixed in.


We’ve started using the meal planning app Plan To Eat (stay tuned for a review!) as well as ordering some Blue Apron boxes (also stay tuned) so meals are getting exciting over here!

I clipped Cassie’s Lemon Chicken & Rice Skillet recipe to Plan to Eat and it was delicious. A super simple ingredient list and lots of lemony flavor. I did use brown basmati rice and had to extend the cook time by quite a bit, but the end result was great. 

+ lemony butter green beans steamed in the microwave

Leftovers for lunch –

Taco Tuesday

Always on the meal plan! The addition of roasted corn this week was great. 

Splendid Noodles

I’ve been enjoying Splendid Spoon’s Noodle bowls for easy lunches when the fridge is running bare. This one was butternut squash and broccoli with rice noodles – loved it! (Get $25 off through my affiliate link ???? )

Look who is living his very best life enjoying the fall weather!