Playin’ Outside

We joined a pool!

Actually it’s the same pool we were members of 2 years ago. We took last year off since we had an infant and access to a second pool with our gym. But as soon as I heard this pool was open with a very clear social distancing plan, I knew it would be the perfect solution for this summer, and hopefully the summers beyond.

Reservations + A Noodle Grid

How it works is members are divided into two big groups that alternate dates (Tu,Th,Sat or M,W,F,Su). They switch each week. On your days, you can reserve one square of the grid spread between three different pools (including the baby pool) for one hour. If a grid is empty when your time is up, you can jump in and keep swimming until the family who reserved it shows up. The square you reserve is all yours, and no other families will be close. I felt totally safe, and as you can see, we didn’t get close to other people. Plus: chorine everywhere.

Birchie loved swimming!

Actually he started out quite timid and didn’t want to leave my waist, but he got used to it. He’s slowly learning to kick with a puddle jumper holding our hands.

Friday Night

We went with Mazen on Wednesday afternoon for our first visit. Thomas and I took B for dinner on Friday night. (Mazen was with Matt).

We picked up a salad from Chopt on the way and packed up the rest of dinner as a picnic.

Saturday: First group ex workout in 3+ months

While a lot of our city has opened up, I have drawn the line at outdoor activities. Our gym is open now, but I am not ready to do indoor exercise (as much as I would love to!) The shared air and spikes in cases are both concerns for me. So I’m sticking to all outdoor events for now. And this weekend Chris held a special outdoor class on the parking deck. I was SO excited to go! He had marked off spaces 10+ feet apart in rows, and we all stood on our spot. With the music pumping we did a 45 minute HIIT class. It felt so good to be around people even though we were all spaced out. I didn’t realize how lonely I’ve been until then.

Also for any locals – I hadn’t been to ACAC since March to see what they’ve done to the back parking lot. It’s crazy the changes that are already underway! For non-locals – they’re constructing a building and parking garage where we used to park.

Meanwhile back at home…Thomas was having a blast!


I had almond butter toast before my workout and some leftover smoothie after. I had Plenty Cville quiche with salad and chips for lunch with a salad and then settled into the couch with Mazen for the afternoon while Birch napped.

We had a relaxing afternoon at home. Mazen went slip-n-sliding and Birch and I read 100 books.

A Mellow Dinner

Happy hour started with this Pinot Gris. BTW, if you want to try some clean crafted wines, this trio of Chilean wines is 20% off right now! And you can get an additional 5% off when you buy six and 10% off when you buy a case (which can be mixed!) I loved the Resident and tasted the tropical notes shining through a fairly crisp and minerally wine.

We ordered Mellow Mushroom pizzas for dinner. They were SO good!!

And the spinach salad we had was great as well.

Sunday: More Pool

On Sunday we went back to the pool. I took the boys by myself and it went surprisingly well!

We swam for an hour and then had some snacks on our quilt while we dried off. The boys chased each other around for a good 20 minutes before we headed home.

Post-pool lunch

A big salad with feta, olives, pepper, and leftover Mellow dressing. Plus some kids quesadilla!

Hope you guys had a summery weekend <3