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This post is for anyone overwhelmed by the beauty market who hasn’t yet found a skincare routine that they love. If you have – stick to what works!! For the rest of you, I can help you answer the question “What’s my skin type” and make some recommendations from Beautycounter based on your response. This post contains affiliate links.

A lot of people stick to a super basic skincare routine because there are so many options out there it’s easy to get overwhelmed. (This was me 2 years ago!) One peek into the serum aisle and you’ll get analysis paralysis. As many of you know, I didn’t really get “into” skincare until I committed to one brand. Linking arms with Beautycounter was kind of like shopping at Whole Foods: once you know the company’s mission aligns with your values, you can shop freely and confidently inside.

Narrowing down the market to one brand also makes it a lot easier to match products to your skin type.

Skin type is influenced by many things: genetics, lifestyle, environment, nutrition, hydration, hormones. It’s always best to work from the inside out. When you think you’ve done a good job managing the variables in your control, it’s time to choose a skincare routine that matches your skin type.

Do you know your skin type?

  • Dry: If your skin is flaky, tight after washing, and/or drinks up the moisturizer, you likely have dry skin. You might struggle with dullness, fine lines, and have small pores.
  • Oily: You have excess oil all over, large pores, and might also have acne, occasional breakouts or blackheads.
  • Combination: As you might guess, this is a combination of dry and oily skin. So, if your T-zone (forehead, nose, and chin) are oily and your cheeks and forehead are dry, you have combination skin. You might have shiny spots or large pores in some areas but not others.
  • Sensitive: You skin can get red or irritated when you add new products. You stick to very basic skincare because every time you’ve tried something new it makes your skin angry.
  • Normal: You haven’t even given your skin much thought. You don’t worry about aging, acne, or redness and might have a very simple (or nonexistent) routine.
  • If you’re still a little unsure, take this quiz to help you decide.

Why regimens work

Most people will be able to use a curated 4-step regimen formulated to work based on their skin type. But since everyone’s skin is truly unique, you might need to mix and match to find the best fit for your skin. A lot of times people start with the extras (like the Overnight Peel) and skip the regimen, which should be the foundation of your skincare. Being consistent with a regimen formulated for your skin type is what is going to give you results on which to add in targeted serums as needed. Your skin’s cell turnover happens every few weeks not every few days, so give your regimen some time to do its job before you give up too soon. If you’re overwhelmed by the steps of a regimen, check out this post: How To Apply Skincare Products In The Right Order. It’s really quite simple!

Beautycounter Solutions For Each Skin Type

Check out the following problems and products recommended in each area. If you need more help deciding, I’d be happy to chat! Fill out this form and I’ll email you back with recommendations.

Problem: Dry or Aging Skin

anti-aging skincare solutions

Goal: Give skin an extra boost of hydration that lasts

Look for: Products that won’t strip skin of its natural oils and support the moisture barrier. Hydrating acids like hyaluronic acid.

Regimen: Countertime (with safer alternatives to retinol: Bakuchiol and Swiss Alpine rose)

Anti-aging and dryness Solutions

Problem: Oil + Acne Control

Goal: Regulate oil production and breakouts and draw impurities out of the pores.

Look for: Products with salicylic acid and activated charcoal to purify and products designed to provide moisture without a greasy feel.

Regimen: Countercontrol (with wintergreen and rosebay willow to help mattify skin, purify pores, and reduce the appearance of redness)

Oil Control Solutions:

Problem: Sensitivity

Goal: Calm skin and minimize redness.

Look for: Products that are gentle without too many active ingredients and simple ingredients designed to soothe skin. Always patch test and add products one at at time.

Regimen: Countermatch (with squalane and plum oil moisturize and nourish) OR Counterstart with coconut and vitamin E

Sensitive Skin Solutions

Problem: Unpredictable Teenage Breakouts

Goal: Normalize skin with a regular cleansing routine and prevent breakouts.

Look for: A simple cleanser and moisturizer combination with treat steps as needed.

Regimen: Counterstart (two minimal products with coconut and vitamin E for teens looking for safer)

Entry clean beauty skincare for teens:

Problem: Dullness

Goal: Even skin tone, brighten

Look for: Products with vitamin C and gentle exfoliation so your natural beauty can shine through.

Skin Brightening Solutions:

No Problems Right Now: Keep My Skin Happy

Goal: Keep skin happy with a routine that will maintain balance and moisture

Look for: Safer products without questionable ingredients that will keep skin youthful and hydrated for the long haul!

Regimen: Countermatch (with squalane, plum oil and phytic acid to moisturize and aid in cell turnover to help skin glow)

Normal Skin Maintenance Solutions:

My Skin Type: I have super dry skin

My mouth and chin area especially are so tight and dry after I get out of the shower or haven’t moisturized in a while that when I finally do add some moisture it feels like I’m chugging ice water on a hot summer day. The Countertime Regimen has been so great for my skin.

My Boosters

Adding in some of the brightening products has been great for my complexion as well, like the Overnight Peel for dullness and Charcoal Mask for weekly exfoliation. You can choose a booster based on your targeted skin concerns, like anti-aging, brightening, brown spots, acne, or soothing redness.

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