Pumpkin On The Porch

Remember when Pumpkin the cat hung out on my porch all the time!? Now I have a sweet little pumpkin baby plus some nice fall pumpkins AND a pumpkin yogurt parfait!

Pumpkin or crab, he’s the cutest!

Pumpkin Parfait

This jar had layers of slightly sweetened pumpkin, greek yogurt, and granola. Almost as good as pie!

Screened-in Porch Update

On the topic of porches, the back porch is sporting some fresh white paint!! I am crossing fingers that Thomas will be able to install the screen tracks and railings this weekend. The shiplap against the house is still going up, and we’re not that close to be done but getting MUCH closer by the day!

Birchie is still getting his upper teeth which made for a clingy week. I did a lot of baby back wearing. I can’t believe I never wore Mazen on my back! I have a great technique for getting him in the carrier from the couch so there is no risk of dropping him. I need to share this to IGTV ASAP!

New Usborne Book Fav

Birch is wild about this Woodland Sounds book Morgan sent us from Usborne! Birch even mimics the cuckoo!

Sensational Salads

I had a few this week, including one from Roots and this one with chicken, walnuts, parmesan crisps, and orange dressing from the farro salad this week that I froze in an ice cube tray and thawed. Worked like a charm!

Our Favorite Dinner

Was this Broccoli Cheddar soup from Plenty!! It’s my favorite soup, and Della’s version was 100% awesome. Thomas and I split a grilled cheese on the side!

See You Monday!

I’m a bit behind in blog posts right now (because I’ve been working ON KERF instead of writing posts!) and am skipping a Friday post tomorrow, but I’ll see you here next week with this epic how-to in the works!!