Pumpkin Patchwork

It’s finally cool enough for jackets here in Cville! It’s crazy how fast the weather goes from too hot to too cold. I’ve been enjoying the chilly mornings and warm afternoons. I hope it stays like this for a long time! Chilly mornings mean oatmeal season is back! I made a bowl of whipped banana oatmeal with granola and vanilla almond butter. One of my all-time favorite combos used to be pumpkin oats with cottage cheese – I’ll have to get both ingredients soon!

Family French Toast

Thomas made the whole family French toast yesterday morning! It’s a great soft food for Birch, and Mazen had thirds. I had a small piece with a leftover smoothie on the side for no reason other than I wanted to save more in the fridge for Birch! Such a good way for him to get some egg since he’s turned against scrambled eggs.

Birch’s Friends!

We had a playdate with two of Birch’s little friends. It’s so cute to watch them interact!

B is getting a swing like this one for his birthday! It’s from Sweet Swinging.

Little people <3

Shrimp + Orzo Salad

Plenty is still saving my lunchtimes when I rush in from the gym or work starving. This was a shrimp + orzo salad with olives and tomatoes and arugula. Delish and filling!

Lamb Meatballs + Curry Couscous

A Plenty dinner – lamb meatballs with a raisin pesto. Curried couscous on the side. Thomas and I agreed this would have taken us well over an hour to prepare ourselves (more if you include the dishes). Again, Plenty is such a time saver.

Bean + Rice Bowls

Wednesday night we made bean and rice bowls with chicken and peppers. We’ve been having our nephew over for a dinner play date with Mazen and it makes Wednesdays a lot more fun! The boys had quesadillas and little salads with red peppers.

Handsome First Grader!

Wunder Under Copycats

I bought these leggings from Amazon for $22 after I saw them recommended as Lululemon copycats. They are almost the same as my Wunder Unders. They are great – I will report back if they fall apart when washed. My only compliant is the length is a little long for me, but I already took the tags off so I can’t swap them for these 7/8 ones! D’oh! I wear leggings nonstop in the winter, so I can’t have too many pairs. (And I should probably donate some of my older low rise ones that I never wear – just not into that feel anymore!)

Gnarly Injury

Wish I knew what happened to my foot! I consulted with a doctor friend who said if anything was torn I probably wouldn’t be able to walk. Maybe I just got kicked?? It still hurts a little but not bad. I’m going to try to play on Sunday.

And with that, have a great weekend!!