Red, White and Pool

Hi!!! I hope you guys had a good weekend. On the 4th, we chilled out by the pool and packed a picnic dinner. We have been so thankful to have pool access because H O T days are here to stay. Swimming in waterfalls comes at a close second – scroll down to see the pic Thomas’s dad snapped on their hike!

Warning: Sunscreen Not Dryer Safe

I accidentally put our sunscreen stick in the dryer. I thought it was a goner, but it turns out the sunscreen was actually just warm and I was able to mold it back in. WHEW.

Birch & The Pool

Birch is a little hot and cold (haha) when it comes to swimming. Some days he loves it, and other days he’s pretty timid.

I spend a lot of time with both kids hanging on me :mrgreen:

Picnicking on the 4th

Light lunch salad before we left

Hummus, feta, olives, peppers, spinach.


I poured wine from the cafe into my Swig to keep it nice and cold.

Fig spread, brie, crostini

Smoked Salmon Sliders 

Always a hit, and both kids ate them (well, Birch got a roll with cream cheese!)

Baby You’re A Firework

Thomas hit the rooftop to see the fireworks on Carter’s Mountain. You can see them juuuust over the trees.

St. Mary’s Falls

The Donne boys + Mazen – Birch went hiking on Sunday to St. Mary’s Falls. Thomas and Clay went on this same hike with their dad when they were about the same age as Mazen and Nash! The little boys were troopers, hiking about 5 miles in total. The stop at the waterfall was a refreshing recharge!

I love this picture so much. I think it needs to be a poster!