Remember It’s November

Have you heard Christmas music yet? I used to be one of those people who put Christmas music on the day after Halloween. This year it hasn’t even crossed my mind. I’m more of a “day after Thanksgiving” type now. I keep seeing references to Christmas list making. Amazon sent me its holiday guide in the mail (which is great entertainment for Mazen), and we even SAW SANTA last weekend at Jack Fest! I know it’s November, but I’m not ready!

Here’s some of our weekly news…

Recipe Collaboration with Plenty

Last week Della from Plenty Cville came over for a cook day! We’re going to be collaborating on some recipes for KERF coming soon. Della has amazing creativity, kitchen skills, and recipes but no desire to sit down at a computer. I have a camera, a solid documentation process, and a platform. Together we’re two halves that make a whole dream team! I can’t wait to share more with you.

This is what I ate for lunch all week:

If The Shoe Fits

I FINALLY got new running shoes! My old Brooks Ghost 10s had a 4-inch rip in the side, and I had been wearing them for a MONTH! That’s how long it took me to get over to Ragged Mountain Running Store and get fitted for some new ones. After watching me jog and walk back and forth a few times, the woman who helped me said the Brooks Ghosts were great for my feet, so I came out with Ghost 12s. I would have preferred shoes with a bit more style to them, but we agreed that comfort and fit >>> style.

Breakfast Used To Be My Favorite Meal Of The Day

Now I am literally forgetting to eat and shoving something in as I dash out the door! It’s too hard for me to prepare anything nice now that Birch is mobile so I have been waiting until our sitter arrives, grabbing something super fast, and running out the door. (Manicure has since been removed – lol!)

Luckily smoothies are great for on the fly. This was Daily Harvest Tart Cherry smoothie with granola (in a blue jar!)

Brother Time

Books in bed <3 I love how Birch is sitting. He’s also just starting to take a few steps!

He also has two top teeth! It’s made for quite the week combined with daylight saving time. We’ve been up very, very early! ????

Anyone else use their selfie cam to see if baby’s eyes are open?!

Oodles of Noodles

We had Plenty peanut noodles for dinner heated as a stir fry. So delish this way! Recipe to come soon!!

Porch Progress

We have a floor!!! PS. Where’s Waldo?!