Schooooool’s Out For The Summer

I have a memory clear as day: I’m sitting in my fifth grade classroom (which must have been particularly significant because it was my last day of my last grade of elementary school) and I’m watching the clock hands move from 2:59 to 3:00 when the bell rings on the last day of the year. The feeling of freedom can only be topped by the last day of my dietetic internship.

Today was Mazen’s last day of kindergarten!

Lucky for him, his day ends at noon instead of 3 :mrgreen: On Monday, Birch and I ran to his school during the mid-day hours to cheer him on in field day.

I am so proud of how far he’s come this year! He started kindergarten knowing how to recognize simple sight words and do basic math, and now he can read ANYthing and count to 500 by 10s! He had a wonderful teacher. The techniques they use these days are more “teach a man to fish” style, and once he got the hang of sounding words out, he was able to read any and everything nearly overnight. He said to me the other day: “Have you read the air bag warning sign above your head?” He’s reading signs everywhere we go, and can sit quietly and read whole pages by himself. (Although who am I kidding, this extraverted child rarely sits quietly alone!)

Rubber chicken run!

Mazen’s into Pokemon and Minecraft (naturally), and all kinds of sports, baseball and basketball (both new interests), skateboarding, swimming, dancing, and biking. He has a ton of friends (the boy is NOT shy at all!) and is a leader. He also loves painting, imaginary play, and comic books like Dogman.

Some days he acts like he’s 16. This year was probably our most challenging because the attitude came out hard and we had to try a lot of different parenting techniques and styles. But he’s also not too cool to hold my hand walking from the bus stop or snuggle in bed. And he is absolutely wild about his little brother! Every day those two brothers get closer and closer.

Kindergarten Graduation

On Thursday Thomas and I went to his Step Up Ceremony (aka graduation). It was so cute!

Meals This Week

Eggs, Morning GLory muffin, strawberries

Toffee clusters cereal from Trader Joe’s

Pre lunch-time workout PB&J

Post workout chicken + Kale lunch salad

with blue cheese dressing, pecans, and sweet potato fries

Shrimp cobb dinner salad with homemade blue cheese dressing

From Plenty! Amped up with almonds and pita chips! The dressing is just incredible. I never want to have bottled blue cheese again!

Grilled Chicken Alfredo

Also from Plenty with homemade kale salad. Boy was that a GOOD dinner! Mazen asked for seconds of noodles ????

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Baby Led Weaning-ish

I don’t think there is one way to feed a baby, and I think you can do both purees and finger foods and simply call it “meal time.” We do a lot of purees because I am extra cautious about choking, but I also think it’s great to mix in foods babies can eat themselves. I LOVE the Boon Pop because it promotes self feeding without choking risk. I’ve been putting everything from fresh strawberries to sweet potato in there. But I’m also starting to introduce some soft finger foods as well. I made a big batch of sweet potato fries this week and Birch LOVED them.

Favorite Workout of the Week

Getting to play soccer with this guy!!

Have a great weekend!!